#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


Dempsey was OK at best. This mentality is why we’re ■■■■! If he’s not going to be better thank Dempsey, which he clearly won’t be, he’s shouldn’t be playing! It’s embarrassing


l remember when he was drafted he did a pretty good imitation of a stick insect and was always a long term ‘project’ player. He is only now getting to the stage where he should be contending for senior selection. l was unable to view the first half, so will reserve comment on his performance until later in the week, when l have had a chance to watch him more on the replay.


I feel like Jakes surname is both a blessing and a curse.


Deserves a few games in a row. Like any young player who hasn’t had much exposure to AFL, wasn’t quite up to the pace and heat and he is not going to learn these things playing VFL


As a f/s rookie ■■■■■■■


If you want blind kicks forward Hind is your man


I’d say the mentality of playing tried and tested failure over and over hoping it works is why we’re ■■■■. But that’s just me.


Would have learnt to lose more gallanlty if he just passed the ball on.


Does that mean Dea, Brown, Smack stay?


You mean VFL level, right?


I honestly think you’re a bit off the mark suggesting that people think he should play like his old man… I don’t see anyone really suggesting that.

I wouldn’t want to start playing any victim card on his behalf.


Not suggesting that in as few words, I’m suggesting that when many think the only reason he is still around is because of who his dad is, then as a player he is having to achieve above a pre conceived mediocrity.

So in a sense he’d have to show all of what his dad was to justify his position in some eyes. Jobe went through the same thing early, particular when his early games were less than stellar


Please god don’t compare Jobe to Jake.
Jobe showed something as a kid! Jake didn’t, he was taken BECAUSE of who his Dad is


I was always under the impression jake showed a bit as a junior?


Haha you are kidding yourself.

Jake has shown more in his career so far than Jobe Watson did at the same age.

People forget how out of shape Watson was.


I actually thought he was OK today. Did a few nice things. Had nice quick hands and was in a few important passages of play. Got caught with the ball a few times but it was his first game in years.


With Jake I literally think it’d a case of a take the first option and he’ll be much more impressive


That’s not entirely accurate.

In the junior pathway after the u16 champs. Jake was ranked in the top 20 prospects heading into his 18’s years. But he had 2 very serious injuries and missed of his bottom aged year and missed all of the u18 champs. As a result he dropped right off the radar.

His Dad is responsible for two things.

Qualifying Jake to be part of the inaugural JHA so the club had a good idea on what potential may be despite the injuries, and the reason we gave him a look as a 23 man in the last game of the VFL season in his draft year to show that he had gotten over the injuries and was worth the rookie spot he ended up getting.

When I am comparing him to Jobe it’s only in relation to expectation. There were plenty who thought he wasn’t AFL standard when we father son’d him also.


I’m guessing he could be a handy player at AFL level based on what he has shown in the VFL. You can only guess what he might be at AFL level since he hasn’t played. But measured against the others at VFL level he is the best of the 4. Colyer has some runs on the board, but not since his 2016 suspension.


Lol I’m kidding myself?!
Jobe before he was drafted was a ball magnet! Jake has never been anything.