#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


Hind has put in some fine performances in the 2’s, particularly recently.
However, I can’t see how he can be rated for something he hasn’t actually done yet. He may be hidden diamond, or he may be a Dalgleish. Impossible to tell.


Yep no doubt. But you can only compare the 4 at VFL level, and based on current performances in Colyer’s case. And I concede that could be a bit unfair on Colyer given he has only had a few games after a long injury break. But certainly, based on exposed VFL form, Hind>Long or Merrett


I’d have Hind 1st at VFL level also, then Long/Jerret equal. They both tend to have good/bad games. When Colyer is firing, he is better than all of them.


Hind is only VFL…no drafted…yet


I’ll try to answer the question I posed:

  1. Colyer - Has won us games at AFL level, but not in that form now.
  2. Hind - Has shown most capacity of this group to play inside, which is crazy for his size…his kicking is poor…his speed is outstanding.
  3. Jerrett - Best disposer of this group, but cannot play any contested football.
  4. Long - Inconsistent…can be very evasive…not quite fast enough to be an attacking threat.


I can’t be the only one who actually thought his game was ok today?! He did some really nice work inside and it was noticeable how much he wanted to block after disposal etc.

Got caught a couple of times with the quicker pace and also lack of options ahead of the ball because of our set up.

I’d give him another run… still plenty of growth I think. Has football smarts…


Nah he was ok, just made a glaring error at a bad time.


Given both Woosha and Hepp made a point of being positive about Jake’s game might say something.

His biggest problem is that a lot of his best creative and defensive work is done in close. Nudges, taps to advantage, unbalancing opposition players, intercepts.
This isn’t visible from the top deck of the southern stand.
And half of Blitz doesn’t know how to watch a game of footy unless it’s a speccy, a goal, or three bounces down the wing.
It does explain why his team mates and coaches actually rate Jake higher than many on here do.


I’m interested in your thoughts on his game style at Junior levels.

Both early on at the VFL level and now at AFL level he appears to bite of way too much trying to run and create.

I suspect this is a trait he has had since a junior.

I’d like to see him more of get and give quick by foot as his disposal is pretty decent.


Good point, colyer then.


He was ok. Opposition pressure was enormous and Long had no support blocking or running for him to pass to.

The team failed him. I’d play him over many of the players in the 22 now.


Probably wouldn’t drop him. But not because he was good… because this is last chance saloon. He gets gifted games right now and if he doesn’t show anything then ■■■■ him off already.


People rating Jake Harsh, i know he has been around a while, maybe we shouldnt have rookied him initially and waited a year and got Tippa instead. But he is now of the age when Tippa was drafted. and he was lucky he got lots of game time in 2016. If he can string some games together he can show something.

I like what he did in close, along with langford and Stringer.


Jake had a quiet final quarter but he wasn’t alone on that front. His first 3 were good. He finished with 17, running at 88% with 5 tackles. He well and truly deserves a run of games. Only problem is someone like Parish is about to be recalled so he may be dropped unfairly.

  1. Parish for Guelfi

  2. Fantasia for Baguley

  3. Long into Baguleys role



might say that his game was actually pretty decent for someone with three senior games?

radical thought.


I bet the others at the selection table wouldn’t never consider dropping Heppell. Some of his brain farts cost us too had several yesterday.


First game in 2 years in a high pressure cauldron. Not surprised he made a few mistakes. But generally solid. Reckon he could have been stringer at the ball and player a couple of times.

Overall I don’t buy the “he’s been on the list for years” argument. When drafted he’d barely played for two years. He was always a long term option. His first year as a rookie was basically his U 18 year in terms of development. He’s had less than 10 senior games and is still learning. Obviously we wish he was already a gun, but if we still think he can be then he’s definitely worth persisting with.


Great first up game from Jakey Long. 1st half was very impressive. Made a mistake in the last but so did many others. I hope he is given the last 7 games in the seniors.


From the handful of VFL games I’ve seen this year, he seemed to have eliminated the frustrating holding the ball frees from his game that would happen weekly in previous seasons. We saw it happen a few times yesterday but I think he just needs a chance to get up to the speed of AFL footy.

In general, thought he was pretty good in not ideal conditions. Would give him a few more games this season and find out what he’s about.