#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


Heppell got caught with the ball more times than Long yesterday.

Colyer’s was a shocker too.


At least when Jake gives hospital hand passes under pressure, he gives them to himself


Was waiting for this to happen as soon as he signed his new contract. I thought goldstein beat him comfortably the week before too.


If we bar him from the inside he’d be fine.

His lack of awareness is what worries me.


I thought most of his little handballs were sublime. Seriously, Of course he might get caught out in the tempo of Senior footy first game back for a “long” time.
Like Connor McKenna , I’m all for a bloke who isn’t afraid to carry the ball. That shows courage and confidence to me. Those handballs tell me he has a good sense of the game and knows what’s going on around him, Tackling efforts were there too, 5 tackles more than OK, up there with Tippa yesterday
This guy has Essendon royalty and pedigree running through his veins.
He needs more games in my opinion


I’d rather him than Green.



How good was he. Rekon was running at close to 100% disposal efficiency until those dying minutes. And many of those disposals were split second gives.

I saw a lot to like & obviously room for improvement.

And for the critics… I’ve seen Cale, Hep & Hurls cost us as many games this year as they’ve won them off the back of their own sublime play. So think can’t mark him too hard.


Watching the replay, I don’t get all the dislike directed toward him, reminds me of the similar treatment McKenna got. He was better with ball in hand than most of his team mates and better without too; equal 3rd for pressure acts along with 5 tackles, more than both Colyer and Baguley. His handballs actually hit targets on the move, releasing them, whereas some of his teammates couldn’t hit a stationary target to save a life.

I wouldn’t take note of clanger counts they include frees against so they can be misleading, especially when you take into account our recent form with the umps.




I agree.

He did some very nice things and at least needs a few more opportunities.


Good hands in close. Instrumental in a number of good passages of play. First half in particular.

Caught twice. Once due to his peanut teammates not talking.

Deserves another chance.


One of them he wasn’t even really caught. He didn’t even take possesion. Grundy just fell on him and dragged ball in.


I get the feeling most would have been more forgiving if he’d have built up a raft of good VFL performances and earning his way in as opposed to basically getting the last minute call in to cover for an injured player.


Would they have preferred Jackson Merrett play?


5 clangers, think he got caught HTB three times. The last one being unforgivable.


Watch more football.


I think they would have preferred neither.


you mean like he did for the first half of the year?


Mate I’ve paid a lot of attention and he had a few good games but was nowhere near consistent. Many, many were ahead of him.


Didn’t know Josh Green had so many fans, unless people wanted us to play with 21 players.