#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


its all relative, you cannot say this hasn’t been his best year. we have ■■■■ all wingers too.

easy maths. but nah lets bring fumbles mcNotFit in straight away…


I like it how people demand that like for like replacements are always made, it’s not like this is a premiership winning team. Oh we dropped a small? A small MUST come in. A tall out? a tall MUST come in…We’re sitting at 12th so it’s not like we have a premiership structure, Josh Green was not the only suitable replacement.

I like Long and hope he gets a few more games to prove himself, I do think his form in recent weeks did not warrant a recall. I have a feeling he got a bit of the ball due to the zero respect being shown to him against Collingwood but we’ll see how he goes this weekend.


I reckon there was a huge block last year when he had sustained performances and he couldn’t get a look in. It maybe relative but his form in recent weeks has been pox and didn’t deserve a recall, he got lucky that he was rushed in.

I didn’t want McNiece in and Colyer baffled me also.


Struggled to adapt to the pace of AFL but liked the way he tried to take the game on. Deserves a decent run of games to see if he can learn from his mistakes. I’m not convinced he will make it but give him a run at it and make the decision at seasons end


Yeah. That was a shocker by the umpire.


I don’t think he had anyone to kick it to Both times he got caught inside the defensive 50


I don’t think he’ll make it but you’re kidding yourself if you think he deserves dropping. Played twice the game of Colyer and bested Guelfi until Guelfi played a big last qtr and a bit. Like HAP I think Guelfi is tiring.

He didn’t light the game on fire but he found the footy a bit and didn’t do much wrong. That Grundy decision was bad, I’d have given him a kick for holding the man twice and then didn’t even think he deserved the HTB against. The other one wasn’t great but he pretty clearly hung onto it because he had zero options up the ground. Had he dumped it in the boot they’d have marked uncontested and he’d still be flamed.

I think his lack of pace will let him down. He’s not quick in acres like Dempsey was but unfortunately he’s not quick over 10m like Walla is.


Why on earth are Blitzers so quick to cast aside young and inexperienced players after a loss?

Long came in against an in-form team and did reasonably well.

As for the expectations on him, I think our hopes were so high because of his father,. And it feels like he’s been around for ao long because we’ve been waiting since he was 16 years old or younger.

As for whether he has shown something. Young players can look like champions when they get to play a value add role in a team of actual senior players who deliver consistent high level performances. Young players with weak and inconsistent senior team mates look questionable.

Long in not to blame for the loss to Collingwood just as much as he wouldnt have been the reason we won.


I expect @benfti to lose his mind since I’m hearing that they are unveiling a Michael Long statue next week at the club.


The 3 HTB’s count as clangers I believe so it makes that count look a little inflated.

His disposal was pretty good I thought.


I didn’t think he played that well and the HTB’s hurt us really badly. Happy for him to play the next few games to adapt to the pace of AFL again though.


Solid first half, reasonably happy with that. Faded. I liked that he seemed more decisive than in the past. Didn’t like to see the three holding the ball decisions as that is not just an AFL pressure thing - that is part of what has been holding him back. As barnz said earlier, he needs to hardwire first option into his brain as a starting point - he looks much more promising when he has had bursts of that mindset.


But a turnover down the ground is usually better than closer to their goal.


Though the HTB’s were annoying, what bothered me most were the inaccurate disposals. His kicking was not great. He missed a lot of passes. I know he can do better than that.


I must admit that I don’t recall the missed kicks at all.


It seemed to me at the game, that almost all his kicks were slightly ‘off’ - too high or low, left or right, which killed a few runs.


hes great - he reminds me of a time when we weren’t ■■■■■■ useless.


Because everyone loves a scapegoat?


That one was harsh I agree, shouldn’t be counted against him. I should have remembered that earlier.


one of MANY