#34 Jake Long - Rebooted


One of the problems he has, is that he plays in a team where the only players who seem to know how to lay a block or a shepherd are the ones who you want running the ball. Maybe it’s because they know the importance of giving your runners space, but McKenna, Saad, Tippa, Jake and Devon are the only ones I see who consistently do it.

Atleast in two of the occasions he was run down, he was surrounded by 3 pies with no one around him and no one down field to kick to, there wasn’t a lot more he could have done other than dumping the ball long or dancing around 3 tacklers (something he has done before).


Had a better game than I was expecting.
Got to good spots, linked up well, and gave some nice releasing handballs.

Doesn’t have the ability to carry the ball like Saad and McKenna do over long distances.
Nor does he have the dynamic burst away speed like Tippa, but he does have some useful lateral movement.
If only he could improve his core strength to be able to utilise this more.

His hands are sharp, and kicking skills are neat without being super damaging.

As for the 3 HTB’s.
The early one (1st qtr) was unlucky as he was searching for support that never came.
From memory, he did carry the ball outside 50 though, so didn’t result in a shot at goal.

The 2nd was the Grundy one which could easily have been called HTM as his jumper was grabbed whilst the ball was bobbling on the ground, but the umps are besotted with Grundy’s rep at the moment and hardly pay anything against him.

The 3rd, well with the benefit of hindsight, if Jake knew he was being chased by 3 Coll players, he would likely scrubbed any sort of kick forward to relieve the immediate danger.
At least he put himself in a position for a HB receive off Hep in a dangerous position.
Still, a mistake there, no doubt.

NEEDS to play the next 2 as a minimum (barring an absolute howler in the next one), and ideally a game against Sydney at Etihad to see if there is anything to work with for a potential 1yr deal.

I don’t have him in the Delist scrap heap just yet.
Can’t believe some of the :poop:written over the past 150 posts !


Agreed re disposal.

A nice goal assist at one point and he also got plenty of the ball and was involved in some nice passages.

I can’t remember the last player that gave away 2 goals in the same game from HTB decisions against them. Just seemed so casual both times. especially the second time.


I thought he was really good in the first half then kind of disappeared a bit. Needs a run of at least 2 more games, showed enough for me.


I thought his disposal was very good, both by hand and foot. He only had a split second to get the ball on his boot to get it to Brown over the back for our first goal in the last qtr, and delivered a 40m pass with enough penetration to get there quickly,
His overall game was very good IMO, but was badly tarnished by the 3xHTB.
My concern is that that was better than his normal game, and he might struggle to keep it up. But let him show whether he can or not. He has some problems, in that we are already a small quick team, and so another small framed, not that quick player is not exactly what we need. If he were a stronger bodied type like say Guelfi or Clark, he would have more chance to make it with our current list.


Langford took quite a few games in the seniors to find his game. Long has great footy senses in my opinion, has great awareness of where his team mates are at any given time. Exactly like his dad did, Execution bit off, but everyone needs time to get used to physicality and tempo of senior footy. Rest of the year is a perfect opportunity to see if he can cut it


Give him a few more games to see how he goes. Perfect opportunity for him this week.


Ditto Francis and Id like to see BZT get a run too at some stage this year


I reckon you’ll see Francis, but Zerk would get slaughtered at AFL level. Very promising prospect, but not ready for the big boys yet. Same boat as Draper really.


Could play a different role perhaps? I mean look at Gleeson, could he play that role?


Nup. He’s not that sort of player. And even if he we’re, there is Redman and Ridley already for that role. No way they’d play someone else. Zerk is more your pack splitter, big aggressive defender. Exactly what we will need when Hooker slows too much and Hartley isn’t up to that job. He is also a better rebounder (instinct wise) than either of them. But he is a fair way off, physically, for the main show. I seriously wouldn’t look for him until probably 2020 barring serious injury problems to our big guys.


Reckon he is being marked incredibly harshly. I thought he showed plenty. Yes he made a few mistakes, but the guy has only played a handful of games, one of the HTB was a bullshit call and from memory one other the ball should probably not have been given to him in the first place as he was already hot. Give him an extended run to see if he can get comfortable with the speed of the game.


I’m excited about his prospects. Just like Guelfi, Redman and Ridley before him I expect Long to excel. The fact he’s an indigenous player excites as well. I’ve felt a little melancholy about the lack of indigenous players on the list. Seeing he and Walla tearing it up in the seniors would be something special. Go Jake!


Watched that game again last night and gee Hep sailed him up a river on that last holding the ball, why did he handpass to him in a 1 on 3?


Did some really nice clean work in tight spaces which created a opportunities and showed he could make good quick decisions when playing on instinct.

Got caught a couple of times when there wasn’t a good quick decision to make. A very common mistake from players with little experience at the level.

I’ve never been overwhelmed by his ability but there is a bit of something there and he might actually benefit from playing at the higher level surrounded by better players who help create moments for him. He’s got a few tricks and I’ve always liked his aggression which is something jerret lacks.

Certainly I’ve seen players show far far less than he did on Sunday and they were given countless numbers of uninspiring senior games to prove themselves.

Redman surprised me this year when he jumped up and grabbed his opportunity and I now see him completely differently. Perhaps long can do the same.

He’s not a lost cause but he remains on thin ice. He stays in and plays for his career over the next month.


he had plenty of time to get rid of it


I’d honestly give him the rest of the year, he’s as capable as Baguley, Colyer or Green when played as a small forward, has a better balanced game between offence and defense than the other 3 imo. Brings a good energy, a sort of bouncy mongrel like his dad. Would love to see what he would bring to our forwardline if it wasn’t decimated by injuries. Has some good tools for the forwardline; quick, sharp hands in traffic and those Tiwi 1%ers.

Fantasia (for/mid) - Daniher (CHF/3rdR) - Walla (for/mid) — Begley (for/mid)
Stringer (for/mid) - McKernan (FF/2ndR)- Long (Dfor)

A lot of talent and more than enough moxie to get under the skin of their opponents and play a little dirty; they’d all thrive off of each others ‘fighting spirit’ too.


Whenever I’ve watched him play, it’s in tight spaces that I see his talent.


Didn’t look out of place. Got involved in a few nice chains. There is a bit to work with there, and so he should be in the mix for the team going forward into 2019. Unfortunately for Jake, he will face even more competition for a spot next season, as some of our newer recruits begin to also press their cases more and more for inclusion. Not a bad position for the club to be in.


If the answer is either Long or Jerrett, what the heck is the question?