#34 Jake Long - The Long Game


I’ve got these two things on the front of my head and occasionally I direct them towards a game of football and I see one guy who has good pace and evasion and vision (albeit not the skills to match what he wants to do) and I see one guy who couldn’t run out of sight on a dark night.


We put Begley in for Green, which is not like for like.


We didn’t have a like for like player to choose from


Sometimes you need to fenaegle.


We didn’t bring begley in for green, they both played last week


Anyway we don’t really have a like for like replacement for green. Honestly begley is probably the closest


Long is the closest, but I’d take a not-particularly-similar player in Begley over him. But I’d take Long over Howlett.


From the vfl I have watched I’ve barely seen long forward.


I thought he’d been moved forward in the second half of the year


Honestly thought when he played seniors he showed something.

Thought with some more strength he was a rough chance to get on and stay on the list.


You’re not wrong, more wing than anything, but he’s almost the only quick guy down there.


Right you are. Got my smalls mixed up.


Have heard from a good source that we were most likely going to play Long in the seniors this week, until he got suspended. The coaches wanted some more pace in the side and Long was told that he was close, which is why both he and the club are disappointed that he’s now unavailable. Not sure what that means re a contract for next year though, just thought I’d share.


I know we’ve already got a lot of ‘cool stuff’ pre chrissie, but jeese id love to see LONGY elevated and persevered with

I’ve seen enough (a bit) in the ones, screw all you naysayers!!


Spandex Ballet:

Cause you are Long (Loooong)
Always believe that you’re strong.
You’ve got the power to know (your Dad did the impossible)
Always believe in…


Delist. Is deadset ordinary






I hope he stays on the list also.


I feel the game is changing in his favor. Could benefit from playing as a small fwd with his tackling pressure. He has tricks just needs to be more decisive.