#34 Jake Long - The Long Game


I like Jake as a player and I hope the club hang onto him even as a rookie for another year. I was really disappointed in his very ordinary and ill-disciplined suspension late last year and I suspect the club were too. Effected the VFL team going into the finals as well as his own prospects to finish the season strongly.



I wouldn’t be cutting too deep this year. Save that for next year leading into the so-called superdraft. With our first pick at 48 there’s not much sense in delisting players if their replacements are going to be way down the pecking order. That saves Long IMO, and Morgan and Jerrett too probably.

In Long’s case I’d have given him one last chance anyway. I think he has the tools, he just plays a disorganised game. He reminds me of the flashy soccer players who show-off with fancy step overs when the really good players do just what has to be done.

I like the fancy stuff, but there’s a time and a place for it, and before the fancy stuff you need to get the fundamentals right. I’m not sure of Long has fully grasped the opportunity he has. This is it for him, and it may already be too late - but if he get’s another go it will be his last chance. He needs to knuckle down to play the game the team needs from him.

If he gets another crack I’d be setting him the challenge as a defensive forward. We know he has the flair and skills. He can lay a good tackle, but his focus has always been as an offensive playmaker, and sometimes he overdoes it. Time to knuckle down to the discipline of executing a role. Get that right and he’ll get plenty more opportunities to show us what he’s capable of.


What is that fkn tattoo? Really got to work on this guy’s decision making.


That’s not great.


He’s full Bendigo bogan, it’s not surprising

Hideous however.

But if he becomes our inside mid contested animal couldn’t care less what tatts he has.


The ‘Wookie-belly’ look - a timeless classic.


rivalling reimers for the shittest tatt to ever be at the club

the worse the tatt the bigger the figjam


Jakey Long doing some training today.

I reckon he’ll be upgraded.

He has everything we’re keeping on our list atm: fast leg speed and great disposal.


If they’re posting that on twitter and Jake is training, it’s hard to imagine we’re delisting him.


It’s happened before. But I’ve been thinking he’ll get upgraded for last couple of months.


I’d rather keep him for another year and know for sure whether he is or isn’t up to it than delist him now. Particularly when we have already had a number of players retire and only have 1 halfway decent draft pick.


That tat is horrendous

BJ will probably give him a spray for it lol


You must have missed the pic the club posted of Howlett in the gym about a week before he got delist.


I don’t think it means much.
Surely, between 0 games this year, out of contract, the 2 suspensions and wavering VFL form, he realises he’s on tenuous ground and needs to make every effort.


I did.
Actually, if you look at the interview wih Stringer today I reckon Howlett is on the left right at the start.
Blows my theory away completely.

Long is gone!!
Probably Hep too.


I think the Package fell belly first in a puddle!:roll_eyes:


You didn’t actually read my post did you?


Nope, can’t say I did


Or McPhee doing repetitions in the gymnasium when…