#34 Jake Long - The Long Game


Don’t be too hard on Cloney as I’ve never read anyone else’s posts. Sometimes I use quote or reply just to make it look like I do.


and he was there today in the Stringer footage.


How long do you wait hoping someone will eventually come good? He’s out of time imo. There’s a few DFA I’d rather take a chance on if the club are only looking at 1 year deals


We’ve got players we drafted a decade ago we’re still waiting to come good. I don’t think there’s an upper limit at Essendon.


I just had a great image in my head of BJ pointing and yelling at Jakes belly


like addicts really.

1 more year man, david myers will beast in one more year.


Those DFAs were past the limit of “how long do you wait” at other clubs. Why are they any more appealing?




I imagined BJ feeding some pretzels to that lion…that is, when he isn’t knocking them off the table. :wink:


Fair point frosty. Although putting a kid in a new environment can sometimes be the kickstart they need

Also some of these guys have already shown they can play at the highest level like Crameri and Hartung


Yeah, I hate the umpires too










There was an article on fox sports about each clubs list changes after first list lodgement yesterday and it listed Long as our only upgraded rookie. I want to believe it but it’s just not a reliable source.


Been upgraded to senior list on one year contract.

Congratulations Jake.


Anyone else surprised?



Long played three senior matches in 2016 and averaged 15 disposals, four marks and three tackles across his 15 games in the VFL in 2017.

“Jake has shown a lot of promise in the way he plays. He is mainly on the wing but we think he can play half-back as well,” Worsfold said.

“He has good speed, good ability to break the lines and deliver the ball going forward.

“He continues to grow as a footballer and we think his best footy is ahead.

“Obviously upgrading Jake isn’t a light decision but we see the upside in what he can bring and we think he has learnt a lot about what it takes to be an AFL footballer and he is ready to grab that spot on the senior list.”