#34 Jake Long - The Long Game


Really surprising… I guess the club sees something I don’t.
I remember thinking McKenna was no good and he wasn’t going to make it. I was wrong. I hope I’m wrong on this one and again, the club knows what’s best.

Give ‘em hell, Jake!


Translated. We don’t want to use three picks in the draft so needed to upgrade a rookie thus we had to choose between Long and McKernan. We got them to play rock paper scissors and Long won best of three.


Really don’t get the Jarrett call


McKernan just kept going rock then gave away a free kick.


I think there is room for a guy with his attributes if he’s prepared to work on his game. He will need to show a lot more improvement next year though I feel.

I’m happy for him.


It’s not at all surprising.

Many people on here have been saying he will be upgraded, and the club is relatively happy with his progression in development.

All those people who live interstate, or simply don’t get around to see VFL haven’t seen him play this year. He has improved. It was always going to take longer for Jake to get to this level because of his injuries pre draft & his focus on finishing school above playing football.


I went to many VFL games this year and I did not feel he did enough. Was not finding enough of the ball and he was not damaging when he did find it.
Having said that, I think he’s the type of player who does better at AFL level. We saw what he could do at the back end of 2016 and I’m confident the club would know what areas he needs to be working on to improve.


Like the other 2, its so w don’t have to draft 6 kids this draft.


He has shown a lot more than Morgan


John jarratt?


Been a slow burn with Jake but here’s hoping he can make good of his potential.

Upgrade should be big confidence boost for him.



Like a horse with a great bloodline, you just gotta give him every chance.
Showed sparks and glimses- hopefully a late bloomer like his Dad as far as strength.

Just got a weird feelling that this kid will make it on a wing.


He’s very fkg lucky to get another contract imo


His dad was a late developer.i’m assuming the people in the know think this will happen with Jake. I see his potential at half back…he has excellent agility and good speed and good height…needs to get stronger and not try to do too much all the time.




Liking the whole package there magicalcharlie, good times




No he wasn’t, he was good out the gate, he was in the senior team almost straight away.


What’s your take on Jake then Benfti?


Didn’t he come down to ESS as a 22 year old or something?