#34 Jake Long - The Long Game


wing sounds about right - at his best - I could see him a bit like a Caracella on the wing and HFF


Way back when = before me

Col Hebbard was my first


And it shouldn’t be a surprise based on the fact that we were told he was a long term prospect, the day we drafted him.


I agree with this. It’s interesting that in that article about him they talk about him as a wing or halfback. I would have thought his best chance of getting a game is to take Green’s spot


Along with about 3 or 4 others… Stringer, Smith. Begley…
There will be a lot of pressure on Green to perform next season, with lots of players waiting in the wings, or on them.


Personally I don’t see Stringer and Smith competing for Green’s spot. Maybe Begley for next season if he doesn’t have the tank to run through midfield often.
I think Green will be more of a stay at home, harrass defensively forward, whereas guys like Smith, Stringer and to a lesser degree Fanta and Walla will be spending bigger stints in the midfield than Green.


I’d like to see him given a run as a genuine back pocket. He has a real hard streak about him that you can’t teach.


That is still 5 names competing for the 3 small forwards possie. Hence why l say he will be competing with them.


And way before me too, but my memory was Sheedy being Sheedy was promoting that whole line with Long in 4. (this article suggests Long chose it? http://www.footyalmanac.com.au/a-tribute-to-norm-mcdonald/ )

Crichton Medallist in a Grand Final team featuring Hutchison, Reynolds, Clarke, Coleman…


Forgive my lack of recollection.

Did Michael Long take a few years to get going himself.

I mean>> he was always fken fast, but did he take like 3-4 years to find his feet?


He played senior footy in his first year 89’, including finals.


Michael Long played 24 games in his first season in 1989.


What was he like in those 24 games?


Averaged 18.2 disposables, 2.8 marks, 2.6 tackles and scored 19 goals 10 behinds for the season. Fair effort I would think.


According to PAV (hpnfooty.com) Long was our 5th most valuable player in 1989, behind Daniher, Watson, Madden and Anderson.


And best first year player in the league
On top of dominating SANFL as an 18 year old before coming across

Anyone saying he took a while or peaked late drank too much through the 90s. He was phenomenal for the first 5-6 years then he got ruined by injuries.


Michael was amazing the moment he played for Essendon. Just his deft touches to teammates was one of the things I remember back in my school days. Was one of my favourites straight away


Now, there’s a question. What was he like? Absolutely wonderful. The sigh ‘Longyyyyyy’ would reverberate around the G as he bounced, carried the ball and kicked with absolute precision into the forward line. A more exciting player hasn’t been seen in the red and black since. Perhaps Walla, but not yet.


Longy wasn’t the greatest kick early on, didn’t kick it far at all.


I remember when Longy snr did his knee, thinking to myself: “we no longer have a match winner.” He was a class above. After doing his knees he was clever, but never quite as explosive.