#35 Matt Guelfi - till 2021

The game has gone the way of an abundance of role players surrounded by a few guns and guelfi fits that mould perfectly. I would be more than happy to have another few like him instead of higher skilled players with a bigger reputation who have been pushed out to the flanks and pockets (ie. Zaharakis types).


That no-look handball to Hepp in the middle of some heavy traffic was a thing of beauty.


Hey was really good inside today. Keeps improving.

This bloke cracks in constantly.

Shows a lot of heart.

Lost track of how many times I said today “aww well done Guelf” for another big effort.

Great to watch.


Spot on… Richmond and West Coast showed it with their supposedly ho hum lists. Young, fit, and strong-bodied role players… with a couple of go-tos on each line… the rest is coaching and buy-in from the players

Mr Reliable

Looks like Snelling is cut from a similar cloth

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He is becoming more consistent.

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BOG for mine today.

As I mentioned in the review thread he set the tone for his team mates from the first bounce with his attack on the ball, excellent decision making and clean ball use throughout the game.

Went just as well by the end of the game as he started it.

Best game by him for the club so far.


Only got to see bits and pieces today but a couple of times I ducked inside to have a look he was always involved in the play
Saw him give a superb blind/out the back hand-pass to maybe Parish? Second quarter i think it was

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He was fantastic today, along with Parish and Dlarke were tough and relentless.

He had the JJohnsons about him today.


I don’t know if I’m alone in this but I see more than an average role player in him.
Sure he is a little inconsistent at this stage of his career but guys like Francis seem to get infinitely more excuses made for them
He may not have Francis levels of upside but I can see him becoming a very very handy player for us


Was brilliant today. Love he’s competitiveness


The thing that impresses me with Guelfi is that he will have a bad 1/4, but instead of getting down about, he just goes in harder, works harder and keeps trying to win the ball at all costs. I love that. You can’t teach that to someone, that has to come from within and he has it in spades.


Yep absolutely hates losing a contest and has the drive to keep pushing himself to improve his game


Helps when your a blue chip top ten draftee, a little more room for error and mediocrity which is unfair.

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Absolutely, Francis will make it i think but goes through longer patches of poor form and is defender much more strongly than a Guelfi type

A young Mark Harvey comes to mind when I watch Guelfi.

And thats one of the highest compliments I can give to a young player because Harvey was courage personified hard as farking nails


Didn’t see the match but overall he’s playing well this year. Good on him.

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Is there any video footage on Snelling’s game in the VFL?

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