#35 Matt Guelfi - till 2021

Not bad… Harvey was a beautiful kick though.

The game was televised so it will be posted at some point, as for Snelly highlights, the clubs may post some during the week I’m not sure though.

The hair remained perfect even when it was belting down. What product does he use cause I want some of that.

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Yeah, was a beautiful handpass

I’m pretty sure he uses the same stuff he eats for breakfast. Concrete.


I farkin love this kid.


Whole game will be up on the 7 site in about 3 days, … unless they’ve got their shitt together and put them up quicker this year.

The Estonians already have it.

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Can football, does the tough hard things. We need more players like him. Starting to get more consistent too.

I actually like the platinum look! Reckons he pulls it off


Still improving, but already offers a lot, best 22 for sure, despite many Blitzers wanting him dropped a couple of weeks ago. Hard at it, skills are coming along nicely, he belongs in the team, and he plays like he knows it. Developing as a utility.

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A bull terrier, who gives everything. Smashes in and plays desperate. Don’t mind his territory game either, banging the ball long down the line to 50:50 contests. He’d go well in the Richmond set up. And increasingly, he’s adding a little bit of flair to his bag of tricks. Get the feeling there’s a lot more development in his game.

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Looks like Jane, plays like Tarzan


pretty sure gen x and boomers destroyed the ozone with the hairspray hes using.

Agree he belongs and plays as such. Will never be a flashy player (hair aside) but every team needs a few hard at it utilities who just get the job done.

Usually I’m quick to critically judge Guelfi. But yes, that handball! Wowee!

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I reckon he’ll end up being one of our better players. Top 10 or so. Has great footy sense, seems pretty consistent, and is tough as nails.

Disposal is ok enough, but that won’t hold him back at all.

IF Darcy was to request a trade to Geelong then I’d expect Guelfs to be the one to tell him to “finish his rep and fark off”

You have pulled another diamond out of the rough Disco. Not bad for a pick number 76 in the draft. Goes in hard and nothing seems to faze him. He is my 5 year old sons favorite player now. Not sure if it’s because of the hair but he loves (WEALTHY) as he calls him.


And he has another 70’s pick special waiting in the wings in BZT.

But I s’pose there’s still calls to sack him in some of the threads I don’t read??

It wouldn’t be Blitz if there weren’t.


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