#35 Matt Guelfi - till 2021

The thing I love about this kid is his hardness and want to do the little things such as chase, pressure, smother etc but also has a trait that has become as rare as hens teeth.

He attacks the ball and wants it all the time.

Have you noticed that a ball will be worm burned to him and he will still charge at it and even if he taps it in front of him he paddles it, gathers and dishes off a disposal.

Most other players in our side wait to gather the ball and are tackled immediately whereas Guelfi hunts and wants the footy.

He is always looking to hit the contest at pace as well.

For a bloke who would be “average” AFL size at best. He throws himself and struts around like he is Dangerfield.


Blondes have more fun.

Find it interesting to go to the early posts in a thread and see what the initial thoughts were of recruits. There was a lot of enthusiasm about Guelfi that he is delivering on.

And there was this article to remind us he has done it tough and is tough. I liked the bit in blue, which is a feature to his game. But he has the footy smarts to complement this. Plus he is creative. Developing into a complete footballer, and if he continues this for the rest of the season he’ll be at the next level heading into 2020.


This bloke just keeps getting better. Loving his pressure/intensity.


This kid was an absolute steal. Mr versatile. Consistent. Won’t get dropped from here.

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Typical game from Guelfi. Does the 1%s. Takes the game on. And is an important linking player.


People need to remember when they complain about “not playing” the kids, how this young guy has come from nowhere to be an important part of the team.


Wasn’t the cleanest with ball in hand last night and made a few errors, but continued to get in the one %'s all night to pretty much balance the ledger.

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Love this kid.

His desire to win contests is immense. I think he looks the type that will improve his game year on year. For some reason I’m reminded of Brett Kirk in his early days who was a bit limited by foot and not quick, but his hunger and contested work as well as selfless defensive acts were there from the beginning. Mind you Kirk was no good overhead and Guelfi has some real class in that department.

He seems to just float across the ground. A smooth mover.

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Guelfi is not exactly Fantasia quick but Id say hes quick. He is quite agile too because he hits contests at pace and seems to keep his feet or get back to his feet quickly. Hes strong for his size too.

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Smooth Operator…smooth…operator. Coast to coast…:wink:

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Any update?

As silly as BT sounded. You’d think we have a better patient transport option than a taxi FFS.

Ha yeah wtaf

If you take away Taylor’s over the top stuff, he is good at identifying commonsense issues.

I thought it was not a good way to send Guelfi to hospital.


All the media comms talking about the chair being involved in the incident, Ummm he barely brushed it and that big metal solid thing called the fence was what he got crushed into.


But he wasn’t going to hospital for treatment.

Worsfold said if they’d been in Melbourne, he wouldn’t have gone to hospital at all.

He needed scans immediately to make sure he was safe to fly back today.

I don’t see the issue with it. Didn’t need an ambulance. Would a limo have been better?


that’s a bit of a stretch…

but I take your point re: Worsfold’s comment, I hadn’t seen them.


I would have thought thered be a physician that could drive him, but im not against a taxi, id rather a taxi than taking an ambulance off the streets to transport guelfi

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