#35 Matt Guelfi - till 2021

Is it standard for a stadium of that size to only have the one ambulance available?

Seems a bit strange.

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He hit his head, automatic time out and medical treatment. The replay shows it and it was an unnecessary action by McGovern. I hope he gets three weeks it was a dangerous thing to do.
He could have fractured his neck. He didn’t thank goodness.


Cleared of any structural damage and flying back today. Just updated on the bombers Instagram page. No extra info.


There are non-emergency medical transport options available, St John’s are usually on standby at most sporting events

Of course, because it’s Essendon, we are the worst in the world for the way we treat our players.
Big nasty Essendon at it again.
Let’s just waste an ambulance for a trip to hospital non emergency situation.


If I’m going to the hospital I’m going in the fastest possible way. Medevac if possible, sirens, lights, the whole box and dice.

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Spot on, it’s very bad because, well, it’s Essendon.

When visiting?

Of course! You ever tried getting a park outside Epworth? Meanwhile out the back there’s free parking for ambos.

I have a mate who lives at the back of the Epworth Richmond with a 2 car garage facing the street behind. Hate to think what the joint is worth! I had to pick my daughter up after wisdom teeth extraction a while back and snagged a park at the back right near his front door. He later said to let him know so he can park out with a permit and let me use his garage if needed, and have a beer on the way through! My son has wisdom teeth out in a week so I might take him up…

Although there’s temporary pick up parking at the pharmacy at the front. But no beers there!

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Could you imagine if he took the ambulance and then somebody else died?

“Essendon football club kills guy by taking only ambulance”


Meh. You snooze you lose.


This guys reminds me of a midfield version of Mark Johnson… hard at it … ■■■■ hair… throws his weight around… not the build of Mark but really gives us some grunt… good on him… shame about last night , he will be missed


well the guy should of had a Plan B


Did you even listen to bt? He was slamming the afl and Optus stadium.

BT should focus on better things like how the guy ended up in the fence and comment on that. Poor Guelfi imagine having to catch a taxi, what has life come to that in this day and age a person catches a taxi to a hospital to have a scan? Should have put him in an Uber.

St J is the only WA ambulance service, I think


Morphine whistle :call_me_hand:


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