#35 Matt Guelfi - till 2021

But such things as Non-Emergency Ambulances exist, not sure how it works in WA but here in Vic there are a few different providers who provide the service the main one being run by StJohns Victorian arm. StJohns WA would likely have their own Non-Emergency Ambulances for transfers.

Ultimately though it is only an optics issue for the AFL as if it were an emergency he’d have gone in an ambulance or if there was any genuine concern he’d have gone with one of our medical staff and not the welfare officer.

The ambulance ‘service’ in WA is not like that in Victoria. Or Queensland, I seem to remember. St John’s has the contract for a lot of the services. It saves the WA government money (and provides lesser service to non-metropolitan areas). It is, no doubt, a way for the State government to save money.

But what of all the mining boom money? :wink:

I think a lot of it goes to Gina Rhinehart and Andrew Forrest. (At least Forrest spends some of it on worthwhile causes. Gina just spends it on herself - she wouldn’t even share it with her own children!)


You have one ambulance at the venue. In the real world, patients having a heart attack often have to wait 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive due to lack of availability. Guelfi takes the venue ambulance to hospital for the simple reason of “it’s a good look”. Another ambulance has to be pulled off the streets and is no longer available for real emergencies such as a patient in cardiac arrest. Or another player goes down with a serious injury minutes after Guelfi drives off with sore ribs, cannot be transported immediately due to lack of the ambulance you had just one minute ago…

But apparently afl commentary experience makes one an expert on the best deployment of valuable and sparse emergency resources.



The old ‘an ambulance in the harbour’ hey?


I don’t listen to that bloke and the constant crap he goes on with. He makes me turn off football.
He’s a disgrace!

The good news out of this was that there was not a hair out of place.


You could say ‘his hair was perfect’.


I’ve seen backyard wrestling chairs break under much less strain.

2/10 effort by McGovern.

had to catch a taxi.



Goss from VFL is that he was at training today and apparently all is good.


Who’s he coming in for?

First ruck, for Bellcho.

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Werewolves of London!

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Shocked that he took Langford’s spot on Thursday night last week.

An average player at best.

Never seen a player get his tackles shrugged as much as him

And langford brought what exactly? a few rounds of underwhelming followed up with 3 quarters of ■■■■ and a decent 4th quarter is enough to warrant retaining a spot?

To be fair our whole team has only been playing well in the 4th quarter in the past 2 weeks

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I thought he looked rusty but was right in the mix, hassling, adding pressure and getting the ball at crucial moments.

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Langford was pretty good on the weekend. Much better than Guelfi!

He kicked an important goal which he outworked his opponent to get forward and free for.

Also worked hard to provide a sheppard for McGrath on that run of his.

This kind of workrate is an improvement for Langford so hopefully he can keep it up moving forward

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