#35 Matt Guelfi - till 2021

the entire team is average at best.

I don’t really see it in Guelfi. But then again I don’t watch him super closely either - has he been playing predominantly midfield?

If he’s been playing midfield, I’d be inclined to bring in Snelling who is a more like for like replacement for Dev - I feel we’ve been missing his manic pressure around the ball, and I’d like to see how Snelling fares in that role since by all accounts he’s been killing it in the VFL.

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Good article. I really like Guelfi.


Can’t imagine Conor bleach blonde.

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I want to see it.

Why does the article say he went training after not being drafted instead of celebrating.

Celebrating not getting drafted?

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I think they mean he was hoping he’d be celebrating being drafted but wasn’t so went to training.


Ah yep that would make more sense. I read it like he had a choice to either train or celebrate given the quote that followed

Hmm, if I recall correctly, the first article written about him when he got drafted said he was a victim of his versatility, ie he never really showed what his best position was.

I’m still not sure about him, his ceiling doesn’t seem high but I don’t mind him as he consistently puts in complete effort and intensity.

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I’m pretty sure he was always an inside mid until his last year at Claremont. I think the “victim of versatility” comment referred to his last WA year when he struggled to play as consistently because he was playing new positions.

“He was playing as an inside midfielder and winning plenty of the ball”
Helloooo!! How about we try that??


That’s the long term goal with Guelf. We’re not short on clearance players at the moment so they’re letting him develop other sides of his game first.

Articles like this always give me a greater appreciation for the player and his family.

I liked this from the article.


I am Cornholio…



Enemies become friends.


The issue of Guelfi’s versatility stems from his WA coach who was saying predraft that one thing that might be both a plus & a minus was they had asked him to play a range of positions based on team needs, and he was able to do so successfully.
Hence he didn’t really have a defined spot against his name.

Guelfi is a good role player and I think we need guys like this in the 22.

Never shirks it, can find the ball or do a job.


Numbers weren’t amazing but it really feels like he had a major impact on the game.

So many little things he does that are awesome to watch and help us out. Very happy with his game and I’ll be upset if people want him dropped. Numbers aren’t everything!!


His mark running back in front of a free Adelaide forward was the point I knew we would win. It was an incredible mark in the situation.


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