#35 Matt Guelfi - till 2021

Kept Petracca quiet in the 2nd half, even though giving away a bit of height & weight.

Persist in the backline I reckon, he does have a crack & does a lot of 1%er’s.

Really stepped up as the game went on to the Guelfi we saw last year.

I really though he deserved to be dropped. He seems to thrive on the game as it gets more intense and physical.

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I agree - he’s the one I wanted playing forward in place of Baguley last week, with Ridley slotting into defence.

He’s a scrapper who does all the 1%ers and pressures all game, plus he’s not too bad overhead and has a pretty decent leg on him - just needs to work on his composure.

The Guelf.

Has a go does the coiffed one. His attitude with Langer ford’s skills… hmmmmm

Seriously though, the great teams tutor and challenge each other. Lang could learn a bit… would have his spot if he did. Conversely, Guelf could learn a bit about kicking from Lang

Has been good I think.

Playing his role very nicely.


great game today


Gets in hard…gives everything

Fantastic game

I’m officially sold

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That’s the Guelfi we remember

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Played very well today, was right in the mix of a lot of plays and never stopped working hard.

It’s how he played last year. Lots to like about him.

Got to like a player that usually wins the 50-50s


Very good today.

Looks like selectors always pick like-for-like…Guelfi for Dev, Ham for Zaka

Very impressive today. Done his chances for next week a world of good.

Cracked in all day and applied lots of pressure. Was clean and linked up well. Stays in for sure next week.


Should play in the forward 50 before Baguley, Guelfs just has that knack of creating goals from nothing but effort.


One of the best games he’s played for us.


Like him a lot, love the way he goes about it. Reckon that would have to be his best game so far, would be very stiff if he loses his spot next week

As I said in the Match thread. Belongs now.

Just puts in all the time, good skills. Keep.

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