#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Injury List

He does for an anointed one.

maybe a wingman that is about it - in defence he is horrendous


I think there’s the germ of an inside mid in there but his kicking is no good. For mine, at the moment, if we’re already going with Hepp, Smith and Shiel as 3 of our main 4 mids, we can’t afford to carry a role player who’s that bad by foot.

Did you mean gem or germ? Kicking??? Shiel not a good accurate kick and nor is Heppell. Guelfi is not much worse and some players do have some off nights, ours seem to more often.

I think I’ve said this for the past 3 weeks… he is a nothing player.

Another tackle of his was shrugged on Friday night.

For a guy that ‘has a crack’ etc… he is a poor tackler

Germ. As in, not there yet.

And yes, Shiel and Heppell and Smith are not great kicks - but they are great in other areas, so they (obviously) stay.
We need to surround them with role players who complement their weaknesses, and get the ball into their hands more.

Guelfi is a reasonably decent scrapper (still misses a few tackles), OK overhead, moves alright… and that’s about it. Poor kick, poor decision maker with the ball, doesn’t win clearances, doesn’t get involved much on the outside.
For mine he’s a bit of a poor man’s Chris Heffernan.

Would love to see him go to the VFL, start on ball and dominate a few games.

He is too inconsistent. He needs to be dropped when he has a bad game to make him more accountable for performances.


If we dropped everyone after they played a bad game we would run out of players very quickly.


Ah germ as in germinate? Guelfi has a bit of attitude about him, the mongrel attitude about him, has a reasonable tank, maybe he might make a good tagger. He likes a bit of push and shove and is not afraid to put his body on the line. I know Woosha isn’t taggers and has said so. Another aspect of his coaching which puts us behind the 8 ball again. Most other clubs do have someone who can slot into that archetype.

He’s OK, bit of an honest jobber but there’s a few blokes I’d be dropping before him.


He like most blue-collar jobbers, he’ll look great when the team is performing well and awful when they aren’t.

His poor tackling technique is only poor because our football department doesn’t see the need to bring in a specialist tackling coach, as they’ve clearly never watched Essendon play for the past 10 years.

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Guelfi said on the radio that he sees himself as an inside mid in the future which I found a bit strange. Has a couple obvious strengths perfect for that role but he will just never be big enough in my opinion.

He is going to need a much bigger head to be compared to Sam lonergan. He will also need to cripple a Carlton flog as well


He’s already bigger than Selwood.

He showed something better than jobber level v Collingwood, he’s got to replicate that, hopefully it wasn’t a one off because the hair was freshly coloured.


He’s not small - good enough size. He also has the mongrel that may work for him.
I like the Guelf - hope he keeps on his upward trajectory.


I still reckon that he’d be really valuable as a Baguley replacement/pressure forward type.

He’s tough, he instinctively loves to chase, tackle, smother, etc and his second efforts are usually always really good. He also seems to be very coachable and willing to play a role for the team.

Settle him down in the one position - with a clearly defined role - and give him the job of shutting down the opposition’s most dangerous rebounding defender.


I agree. This would be his best position at the moment.

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He’s been v.good.


Great game by Guelfi tonight. Goes in hard and has alot of heart.

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