#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Injury List

Funny what happens when blokes play a role that suits them


Best game he’s played

i might be 8 beers down, but let it be said by a half drunk guy … that was a hell of a game. Cracked in hard, good disposal, clean with the ball in hands … very very impressive. stays in for mine … and for multiple weeks


doesnt stuff the stat sheet. so some midfield fanbois dont appreciate him but he is easily best 22


Like his game today. Trying to tuck him away up forward and in defence is not his go. He’s a see ball/win ball player. Hard as they come, did a lot of things today that got us going at stoppages which will probably go unheralded.


Just outside the votes today, stays in.

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Best game today for EFC - His decision-making was at a high level.


Keep him out of the back line Worsfold


Yeah agree with most others in here when I say it was probably the best game ive seen him play for us.

Loved his aggressiveness too, not afraid to give it the opposition. Need more players like that!

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Great sidestep in traffic too.

Thought he was awesome today. Made his presence known early. He is a midfielder none of this backline stuff. I want him in for ANZAC day.

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Thought he was fanatic. Got an opportunity and took it with both hands.

No way you can drop him after that performance. Was everywhere, great pressure and great disposal when he got it


That was the type of Guelfi performance that we became accustomed to last season.

Classy and a bull at a gate.

Plays like a kid who has had his football taken off him by some bullies at school.


Devon-esque in his desire to hunt down the ball. Stepped in really well and hopefully has earned a spot for Anzac Day.


Did he play more midfield today? Said it before, midfield is his go or not at all. He’s okay down back but his hardness and attack at the ball is what makes him an asset, not worrying about defending high balls. Thought he had his best game since last year, hard attack, won a bit of the ball, tackles to hurt.


He’ll be dropped next week, but shouldn’t be

He should take Bagley’s spot, has more weapons and can provide another midfield rotation


I don’t know if he should take Baguley spot, however I concede he probably has earnt the opportunity to see how he goes as a defensive pressure forward.

One of the best games seen him play today.

Keep his spot for Anzac Day I’m his new role

Every top side has the underated, overlooked ‘role players’. If Guelfi is our 21/22nd player we’re going pretty well. The kid can play.