#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Injury List

He runs straight at the contest and that’s a good thing.


Without a doubt it is his versatility which makes him valuable. He is most our important spack filler atm and will play just about anywhere he is asked. I think he is in our best 22.


What I love the most about Guelfi -

When the ball is within a 2-5m radius of him he ALWAYS wins the contest or knocks it to advantage. literally every time. As soon as there’s a ground ball and Guelfi is there i already know we will win the ball.
Richmond won a premiership with 22 guys who had this type of talent/attitude.

He might not be the best disposer but all teams need a guy like him. He is the type of player who will you a final based off a smother, bump, knock to advantage.


Guelfi going the Akermanis look


If he wins the ANZAC medal, straight to the barbershop for a bleach number on Monday. Real LOOK AT MEEEEEEE sort of stuff…


Wants brownlow votes


Has ascended to super saiyen 3 levels


WTF is with the peroxied 90s look? Very FIGJAM


He muSt be after Brownlow votes

He better do hand stand after we win.

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Comedy of errors, bullshit 50, bad kick in , Ambrose not watching the ball


Daniher coming back into the middle the, fmd

Looks like the mother of dragons Denerys

Nice goal, playing with intensity

That had better be a bet

Proved himself on the big stage today.
Back to his attacking hard hitting best, standing up in the contests, what Myers should be doing.

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great game today Matt

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Started off pretty poorly but after 1/4 time he was massive and big part of why we got back into the game. Really love seeing that quality in a young player.

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Thought it was his best game for us.