#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Injury List

Has turned a corner. No looking back.

You’ve got problems…


One of our best today.


As I said Mr Selective quoting, Guelfi was very poor in the first 1/4 which is where that quote comes from. Maybe you could go through all my other posts that praised him. No? then stay a smart ■■■■.

I didn’t pull apart that post. That was it in its entirety

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Selective quoting means you only picked one quote from the whole game that came from the first 1/4 when he was playing shyte.

Would you like to quote all the ones I made that praised his game or do you just want to be a selective quoting smart ■■■■?

“good work by Guelfi then, didn’t give up after having a hanger taken on him and caused the mis-kick”
“Guelfi came right back into the game after a very poor 1st, so great work by him.”
“As i said, 1st 1/4 was poor but he really came back into it and has been huge since then.” in response to you
“Guelfi again very good”
“great hard work by Stringer and geez how good has Guelfi been since 1/4 time, lifted the lid right off.”
“Guelfi has been really good after 1/4 time. It is great to see a young player not do well but then do something about it and make a big difference. You cannot ask for more than that really.”

Guelfi is Shyte, utter shyte - is different to guelfi is playing poorly today. Don’t selectively post shyte you don’t mean if you’ve got a problem with being quoted.


There I added a few quotes. And forgive me for showing emotions during a game, heaven forbid I should do that. Maybe go find something else to get your knickers in a knott about Mr Selective quoting.

Was a very good game.

I think he was quiet in the last though.

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This guy will be our future captain. Joel Selwood like

If the ball is within 5m of him he will win it

He should run a training drill and teach the team how to tackle properly.

Donnington pls. I’m more interested in what you think about his change of hair colour.

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Yeah, I’ve been trying to find this out for hours…

tell the people then.

I thought he got burnt ealy by Sidebottom but fought hard and probably got on top by the end.

If we won. This kid was in contention for the medal


He is such a hard nut. I love him. Set the tone when most others were not going as hard. Such a natural footballer who thrives on body contact

Can someone please delete Donningtons 7 accounts.


The hair has to go.

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