#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Injury List



I honestly had this guy pegged as abit of a jobber (to be blunt) but wow I saw a player who is more than that today. He’s definitely got something playing around the ball, getting his hands dirty.


Yeah went to him after 1/4 time I think and really did a good job on him. That missed tackle will probably haunt him for awhile though

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not that you were, but even that tackle you can’t fault him, he wanted to do an ambrose and just bury him, just lost it at the end.

definately needs to play more midfield, that’s his spot on a wing.

The tackle where Sidebottom brushed him aside like he wasn’t even there and then snapped the goal in the third quarter?
Was a shocking tackle and then he let Sidebottom waltz past him. He needs to stick them. Apart from that I thought he really nullified him and won the contest


His missed tackle was a costly aberration, usually he sticks them, can’t say the same for many of his teammates.

Aside from the maggots, it was our basic skills that cost us the game; kicking, handballing and missed tackles. We will need to iron out those costly skills errors to become a genuine threat


Tackling is something we need to work on hire a tackling coach.

He reminds me Mark Johnson in his endeavour at the contest.


It was the best any Essendon player has played on Sidebottom in ten years. I thought he has had a really poor start to the year, which was disappointing. But the last two weeks he has shown why we rated him last year and has clearly stepped up his game over the summer.

… by replaying his effort on Sidebottom, and pointing to it, saying “don’t do that” ?

And his kicking was a step above I thought he was capable of.

He’s a far better mid than he is a wingman/HB, IMHO.
Hides his kicking a bit, and he’s got genuinely good instincts & hands in close.

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He just wills himself into the contest. Tough as nails uses the ball well most of the time. Can take a grab. A quality player who stood up in a tough contested game.

Yes, he missed a couple of tackles but for the most part he is one of the best tacklers we have. That one at the end of the game was perfect yet the maggots said play on then gave a free to the pies a second later.

Second best on for the us today behind Saad. Im starting to really rate this kid.


Yeah, but nah. I like the kid, but this is his weakness.

4.4 turnovers a game, from 14.8 disposals (this year)

That’s heaps - 30% of his disposals. Particularly as he’s often been playing wing/HB, where there’s a little less heat.

Shiel is copping it for his kicking, he goes at 6.0 turnovers from 30.2 disposals - 20%. And he plays in the guts.

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Oh I disagree with your thoughts here.

I reckon most of his disposals are under heat. He always seems to be that player that is mopping up the ground ball that is in dispute.


Thought Guelfi was the best Bomber for performing under pressure yesterday. There were other much lauded players who failed to pick up the tempo (obvious given the score at the end of the 1st quarter).

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His pressure is almost Walla like, when he is in the frame you just expect the tackle to be layed, ball to be smothered, a bump just as the player kicks the ball. Just always trying even if he dosen’t quite get there, lets the player know he was ■■■■■■ close, thus next time they hear his footsteps, extra pressure to get rid of the ball.

He isn’t the most gifted in the team, but what he brings, is up there with Walla and Smith, definately something the team lacks.

Even when he got the free kick in front of goals (lucky I admit) he goes back and kicks it there are quite a few who wouldn’t have.