#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Injury List

Dont forget Guelfi is only 21 and has played less than 20 AFL games. He is a kid worth persisting with.

He really really contests the ball and puts in a huge effort, particularly late in games . He was an important part of us clagging up Collingwood and stopping their spread and overlap run.


I think in tight is where he plays his best - I just don’t think it’s where he’s been used, most of his games.
Which shows up his kicking a bit.

He’s really pretty good in tight.

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But how can a kid protect the kids??

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Awesome game from Matty. Staged a one-man war against a number of opponents. A true hard nut.

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Should teach the rest of the team how to smother.


That tackle on Stephenson (boo umpires boo) could have only been improved if he ripped his arm off and then slapped the umpires with it.


Excellent game, but that missed Sidebottom tackle hurt us.

Compared to what Sidebottom usually does to us, and others. Our fringe young fella outshone (yes with a little help from his hair) their superstar.


Wouldn’t mind seeing them send him to Kelly against the cats


Needs to be said again but Guelfi was excellent yesterday.

Hopefully he gets some recognition with a coaches vote.


I love the fact we have this guy and Redman who are just really hard and physical.

With an extra 3kg and 3 preseasons these 2 guys at 24-25 could legitimately start hurting guys.

Love them. Must always play.

Think you’ll find that McGrath was on Sidebottom in the first quarter and he found the going tough - Guelfi was far more competitive in this match up.

Super impressive game by this bloke.

Mentioned a long time ago on another nameless forum that this kid would show up a lot of of the more fancied draft picks & was significantly rubbished for it.

One of our best two way runners in the team. Fits into so many roles especially tight. Great game against the Pies.

Would like him to play on Kelly.


Gatt Muelfi

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That hair bleach has done wonders for his social media presence.

All praise the Prince of Dragons.

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If he can add a little bit of polish to his game and some more damage per disposal then he’ll become a weapon, and make Dodoro looks a genius.

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Put him in a cannon.
Put that cannon in a bigger cannon.
Strap that second cannon to a rocket.
And fire it into the sun.

Is it fair to assume HAP, that you’re not driving his bandwagon?

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