#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Injury List

I don’t think he’s best 22, but I think he’s worth persisting with. His flexibility has been useful but for his own good I think they need to settle him somewhere. I think small forward is his best hope. That would be my preference, but I also wouldn’t be against them trying him in defence.

For either role he probably needs a month of learnings in the 2’s. Small forward depth is more of a need for us at the moment

I’d prefer fast, skilful guys.

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After creating both of our opening goals through defensive acts I didn’t see him.

It’s quite possible the combination of red wine and rage blinded me though.

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He’s a nothing player that will rack up 12-16 disposals a game.

Give him the tagging role and let him work at it. We keep throwing him around into different positions each week. He isn’t going to cut it as a ball winner

Works hard. There’s other players I would be looking at first.


Had 3 touches at 3/4 time.

I’m not saying he was good but in the 1st qtr he also had the smother that led directly to our first goal and the tackle that led directly to our second

Was played in the forward line all game right?

So it wasn’t me, although to be fair he set two goals up without having an actual possession. Should be retained over Baguley

Guelfi should get games at an average team

Sure. He finished with 3 tackles and 11 pressure acts for the match - just a touch below average.

Doesn’t do enough.

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With our luck, Buddy will probably come back and kick six goals.

As a mid he doesn’t get enough of it and his disposal isn’t that great. As a small pressure forward he could be quite handy. His biggest attribute is his defensive pressure.

We are really struggling to keep the ball in our forward 50, let’s use his strengths

Looking at the “Every Goal” video on EFC, Guelfi was involved in 4, if not 5, of the 7 goals. What he does do is the 1%s and has crack to try and make something happen. He’s not tearing games apart but he is more than useful.


@Henry_s_Angry_Pills hates him though! :smile:

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done nothing today

He’s a plodder with no real standout attribute. Will be suprised if he’s best 22 in the future.

For a role player I think he does his job ok.

He’s a scrapper around packs and gives our more polished players a chance to clear stoppages.

To be valuable he does need to get the ball at least 15 times and apply tackles and pressure all day.

Kicking/decision making need work though but that will come with experience.

Although he’s mature age he’s only a second year player and should be afforded some patience.


He’s another sam lonergan, imo

Hope im wrong

Difference with lonergan was that he was expected to develop into one of our better players.

Guelfi is a role player and has potential to be a useful one.