#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


He’s like a younger Baguley. All heart and never gives up. Love him.


For a guy who is a bit of a jobber, he will give you absolutely everything he has every game. Would love to know the amount of 1% rs he does every week. I love that sort of stuff


Fark he was good in the last




Disagree. He was good all night, great in the last.


Yup. He’s not going to give us this game every week. He just won’t. But he’s a fkn goer and those are my favourites. I’d pick him every week.


Yep, fair call. Hard as nails. We need him in this side.


Great game - showed sustained desperation and effort. Saved plenty & created well too.


He tries hard at the 1%s, but can also do a lot more than that. Reckon he has a lot more improvements in him.




When he gets a bit more muscle on the frame he is going to be a weapon.


He showed more tonight than what i thought he would. Was very good. 1%ers very good


I think I see him very differently to most here, to me he has the tools to become a very very good player for us
Quick enough, determined, hint of mongrel, decent in the air, good kick and willing to do the 1%


and he’s got a rad do.


Yep, not sold on the kicking unfortunately but everything else is on track.

That’s 2 of our last 4 he’s been one of our best, that’s ascending above jobber type form and still a kid.


His defensive work is unreal


He needs to teach his teammates how to bust ars and smother the ball


were actually a few times where players could hsvr tried smothering and I thought where is guelf???


I dont think his kicking is all that bad? Maybe rushes things a bit under pressure but I’d say generally reliable kick, probably not particularly creative but not everyone has to be a play maker


He had a solid game last night. He has started to build off last season now. I though he was poor early but is really gaining momentum now.