#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


He’s a good looking bloke for sure he’ll make it.


Have you seen his character?



His selection reinforces something I said at draft/trade time last year. The draft is a lottery and you have almost as much chance of getting a good player late as you do early. 60+ kids were taken before him, and he was overlooked completely in his draft year. It is worth remembering when we agonise over whether you want to trade pick 30 or whatever for pick 56 or whatever. Just pick the best kid you think at whatever the number. There are plenty out there with the right attributes who aren’t getting picked early. Zork-Thatcher is another one in the same category, as were Tippa and Hartley, Ambrose etc etc.


I agree.
It’s just a number.
Every grand final side seems to be littered with rookies that have made the list and go on to be integral members.


like a sunrise?


How do you pronounce Guelfi?


Will/may are modals.




G - A - N - D - A - L - F


G - U - N

Looks like it could be French in origin.


The Elf




But can he kick better than myers?




This guy makes lazy 60m kicks look easy.




looks like he’ll be a 1%er king.


That music makes me want to go play old PS2 Wipeout games.


I don’t think I even remotely inferred that there was…did I?


looks like he can kick the ball effortlessly a long way.