#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Has good hair. Captain material


I only saw him in the JLT but hes an upgrade on Bobcat and a farkin rolls royce in comparison to Myers. Good luck Son


Hopefully the club can set up “Get a selfie with Guelfi” before and after games.


Third time lucky I guess.


Not happy with the concept of him having to hose down his kit before the game


Lovely kick on him, best wishes for your debut.


All the best Matt. Hope it’s the start of a long, illustrious career.


He positions himself well in the above clip, My worry is his speed or lack there of, but there have been legends of the game that prove smarts > speed.


the boy can kick a footy


It’s just a Seinfeld line…


Well that disappoints me. I thought I was a fan.


Guelfi didn’t play JLT


He played AFLsuX.


Classic, … marketing team should hire this man!!


Speed is good. At the WA combine he recorded 2.96 sec in the 20m sprint (would have got 10th at national combine). He also reached 21.7 in the yo-yo test (7th at national combine) and 8.29 sec in the agility test (equal 9th at national combine).

Very versatile, can play a shut down role, HB, wing, HF and inside mid. His kicking is a real weapon something we struggle with. Won’t disappoint on Sunday.


Oh we’ll train that out of him don’t you worry about that

short chip kick from hbf to the top of their 50 to our 1 v 3 opponents

that’s the essendon way

oh and the kick also has to fall short, or go over the players head completely


Laverde has had 1 game back from injury. That’s why he isnt straight in yet.


Yeah, … but where tf is Shirley???, … that’s the real question … . . :wink:


Love watching players debut. Congrats on living the dream many of us wish we could have.


They should put this over the PA when he takes the field for the 1st time …

(ICYMI, that’s what this :roll_eyes: nonsense was about … …)