#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


I didn’t know who he was on Thursday. I do now. More of that please.


Looked good. And not in the sex symbol kind of way even though I so would.


Chad sexington


I can’t get over how sexy he is. I’d love to look like him


Worked his ar.se off.

One end of the ground to the other to apply defensive pressure.


Totally agree! Loved his effort and courage. To come in for your first game and make a real difference for us in the stoppages and around the ground is a great achievement. What a bargain at pick 79! Deserves to be (and will be) playing Anzac Day based on that effort.


Looked great. More plz



He certainly looks like what Hitler had in mind.


Stays in was in and under teanious little ■■■■■■.


He played good and you ALL LIKED IT. I thought one contest summed him up today and that was in the last near the interchange bench. Just kept at it and got the clearing kick

Stays in. Love the boy


Wtf Donnington has lost the plot. Cast under his spell! Lol


Fantastic debut. Everything we could hope for.


Please, please, please, leave him for next week.


does the simple things well. like.


Langford needs to watch Guelfi if he want’s to make it as mid.


Pretty good.
Did some nice things.
Just playing him is better than not.


Wtf … where is the real Donnington?


They call him Bieber. I’ve got Bieber fever or is that Guelfi fever?


Started slowly but worked his way into the game. Had a hand in a couple of goals. Deserves another go.