#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Think Donnington has a crush :heart_eyes:

I agree with Donnington he certainly has the looks, but for me as well as that he can play, looking forward to watching him again, will grow in confidence and will be even better.


Nah, surely it’s just how good he looks? Reckon Zaka is privately seething.


Less project picks in the 2nd round, more state leaguers that had to work for it, disco!


zaka so angry he’s jogging around like hes listenign to bjork.


I liked his attack on the ball and composure. Langfordshould be worried


He can play and is tough. Well done young man, keep working hard. Could be a real keeper.

Nice work Jackets.


Marvelous debut, always great to see a kid given a crack in the big time.


Awesome debut!!
Hard at it!


wheres my fluff interview?


Looked like he belonged. Great debut


Langford has 2 in front of him now. Gonna have to work hard kid.


Impressive. Looks like a jet. A guelf stream jet?


Great debut from the kid today. Fluffed a few kicks, but did all the team things. Gets a game next week


Great Debut. He can be my wingman anytime…


FCOL go and barrack for the scum.


Like his work rate. One or two bummers, but made a strong contribution.He was not overawed by his debut - no stagefright. Definitely needs to stay in and see what might happen. Wonder if we might see a rate of development like we have seen with Stewart (not saying he is a Stewart type player). The point is Stewart came in, made impact, held his place in the team and his value has increased significantly over the less than 12 months he has been in the seniors). If we see the same with Guelfi, we are doing really well at the draft/trade clearance sales.


Excellent debut! Looked physically ready which is something we haven’t seen too often.


At least one of his turnovers was a perfectly good kick to a Joe D lead that would have hit him on the chest except it was read by a Port player who intercepted. Nothing wrong with his kicking, and he will get better at knowing what is and isn’t a safe kick at this level with more experience.


I thought Saad would allow McGrath to go into the middle.

Now Guelfi can allow him to go back!

Anyway,desperately needed another hard edge mid,and hes got the intensity we need.


extremely impressive.
as good a debut as you could want.