#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


agreed, if he took 1-2 seconds longer to kick it joe would’ve been in a better position.


He is hottttttt


I have higher hopes for him than the last mature age WA midfielder we drafted.


The Guelf.


He has way more sensible hair than Kommer ever did. Sensible hair will take you far at Essendon.
Edit: well I guess right at the end Kommer had sensible hair. Even so.


Is that you Gwelfisgirl?


I am seriously considering changing my name.


Hotter than Ganipganaps??


Was good. Remains to be seen if he has a true weapon other than desperation/hardness, but even if he doesn’t, looks like he could be a good Hocking replacement to give us some hardness as a 23rd man.


abyone pick up on the essendon blitz references on fox? ie blitz?
selfi with guelfi
"essendon fans really excited about guelfis debut
same bieber references


You’re made because your state leaguers were ■■■■.


I wasn’t going to bring this up, but someone else above said we should draft more mature age state leaguers who “want it.” Haiden Schloithe won the game for his team today, we really missed an opportunity there. Kelly is killing it for Geelong, and Schloithe is the superior player of those two. EXACTLY what we need too.


it was me fwiw. and more a drafting strategy, use our 2nd round picks for them 3rd and beyond for absolute dice rolls that disco likes for round 2.


Completely agree. Plenty of talent good enough for afl lists between 22-25 imo


Tim kelly looks an absolute steal.


Ikk taje hardness desperation then a true weapon…just exactly the type of guy you need in the team.

The trouble with people is that they want every player to have 30 touches kick 5 goals…

I was disappointed stringer didn’t handball it to him after his tackle that set up the goal!


You mean like that 60m kick in the last quarter to tippa for the goal?

Edit; maybe not 60 but it was a long cracking kick.


You need a good amount of hardness and desperation players to make our 'skillful’players + zach more effective.


It was also a very lazy 50m kick.


How do you pronounce is name?