#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


What a great story! Go get em Matt!


I thought he’d go way earlier. Probably in the 30s


My one word summary from the highlights video: “composed”.


Good luck to the kid to finally make it to an AFL club - and since it’s with us may it end up being a successful story.


Liking everything about this pick.


He reminds me a bit of Andrew Swallow. And dare I say it…Sam Mitchell


Check out this weird-ar.se map from 1838 of proposed subdivisions and state names for Australia (before Victoria was known as Victoria, etc).
Pay particular attention to the name proposed for the south-eastern state where Victoria is today.

It’s a sign…


Won the ‘players player award’. Pretty happy to pick up blokes like this.


Little known fact that the Poms colonised the place so they could take their summer holidays in Spain.


Sounds like a really good wild card option.


Matt Guelfi? Wasn’t that the result from the AFL anti doping hearing?


Sounds like there is a lot to like about this selection. A ready made, ready to go player off the shelf, and will be pushing for a spot in the best 22 for R1. l am not saying he is a walk up start but he provides pressure on the incumbents and serious depth. Plug in and play. Woo hoo.


Wonderful i thought they were extinct.


We only need one of these three draftees to produce and we’ve had a good trade/draft period.
I like the look of him after initially going who the hell is that?


Really like the look of this kid. Loves the contest, decent size, good combo of pace & endurance, plus he looks to have a booming kick on him.


Under 3sec 20m is elite


“Guelf on the Shelf”


Jay Neagle was elite.


Allergic to Cats i heard


From Claremont. DELIST!