#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


First few kicks were quick kicks out of congestion but as the game wore on he started finding space and used it well enough. Good first game


The Langford point is a bit sad but also true. Has Langford ever showed that much intensity at the contest, in any game at any level?


yep one time on the wing he had 3 goes at getting in and under to get then got but unfortunately kicked it long to no one…,

I liked hid effort game today!



this will end so enjoy it while we can.


Thought it was a well balanced game - Doubt he has any elite traits but every possibility he could be a solid role player.


I do know of one current one hes getting…


This. Looked a little off the pace for the first few minutes, then adjusted to the tempo and got better and better. Played like he knew he belongs at this level, and so he does.


I reckon when @Donnington starts arcing up, just post a picture of guelfi.


Let me first remind you that he’s tall like Pendlebury and if he’d only play better he’d get more games.


I was agreeably surprised how well he ran out the game fitness wise. Most young guys in their first go at AFL level find the running and effort required hard to sustain. He gave 2nd and 3rd efforts all day and was still going strong in the last.


don’t you mean, get more games = play better…


Ken doll


That diving spoil in the forward pocket in the last quarter. That’s the type of stuff that sets up good things and he did it all day. They got around him for that one. So good to see hard work and hunger, it was exactly what was missing last week and left so many of us in dismay. Fantastic debut.

Such a long, long way to go but if that’s how he keeps going about it, I hope this guy gets to play 200 odd games for the club.


Was at the game. Very impressive debut. Shanked a few but FFS so did Zaka & Hepp as per usual.
He showed more intensity in one game than The Langford in all of his. Understand they are different players but we need players with heart to get us back into finals winning position


Chicken / egg


What is the knock on schloithe? Ive heard him mentioned a lot but never seen him


What a specimen.


Was immature when first drafted by Freo at 18, didn’t apply himself much and was a bit of a lad. I think it has sullied him a bit despite the fact that his attitude, turnaround, professionalism has done the mother of all 180s. It’s really unjust that he didn’t get another crack the draft just gone. Why we didn’t take him with our last pick given our needs I’ll NEVER know (yes I know that pick was used on Guelfi - I don’t mean it as a direct comparison).


Thats a haircut you could set your watch to.


First time I have seen him. Looked good. Didn’t panic and seems to have a good size on him. Adds pressure for spots in the team.