#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Looked a natural.

Didn’t drop his head at all when he cocked the odd one up either.

Lots of improvement to come on today’s notable debut.


Works hard off the field as much as he does on the field…


He can do something none of our other mids can. He can pick up a ball bobbling around the feet of 10 players in the middle of a pack and fire out a handpass whether he is on his feet or his knees.


hell of a blue steel.


That tackle to set up the goal Stringer kicked was first class. Forcing the Port player to handball back towards our goal with no one behind him. Only shame was Stringer didn’t handball it back to Guelfi but then after last week I was more than happy for us just to kick the goal!


Stealthy Guelfi.

Swooped in out of fkn nowhere a few times and surprised the crap out of everyone.


In terms of maturity, he is different from a kid picked up from the TAC Has played in the WAFL and has been through some hard knocks after being consistently overlooked in the draft, so unlikely to get a swelled head from the media raves about today’s performance.


Found one with him


Someone tell Langford you can have great hair post-game AND play hard.

Get you a man that can do both.


Footy commentators have put a ban on him.


By ‘one’, do you mean a savior?


Fantastic debut. Made a seamless transition from VFL level to AFL.


Looks a bit like Chris Judd with hair.


jeez you give me the ■■■■■.


I got a crazy in love badge. Thought it was about Guelfi :heart_eyes:


I’d rather take a chance with ‘hungry’ state leaguers, than hang onto our own mature players who had their chance and never took it.




Felt that this was worth repeating.

Fit in pretty seamlessly. Looking forward to seeing where he can take it from there.


Move ove tayte there’s a new king in town.


That full length dive spoil in the forward pocket with the game in our keeping was pretty telling to me.