#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Chris Judd never looked like that, ever. If you don’t understand ask some of the women on here for their opinion.


Will be interesting to see how he backs up next game but on exposed form he should be in for a decent stretch of games. His intensity, endeavour, desperation were off the charts good for a first gamer and no doubt helped inspire his team mates go hard as well.


…and I like how his team mates let him know it was good.

Question. Why don’t we do that with established players too?


Needs a knickname though. What are we rolling with? Ice works on two levels, Iceman and Vanilla ice


‘Matt Guelfi’ goes ok.


If I was him I’d be very happy with that debut. Loved the way he went about it.


I know it’s early days (one game and all of that), but…. you expect that by the end of the year you have some brand new lock in players for the best 22. Someone(s) who comes along who wasn’t there last year and goes bang and earns that spot. If Guelfi can maintain that sort of form through the year then he is one those.


Fantasia was pick 55

Early days but reckon Dodoro found another in Guelfi.


I am feeling Healthy, Guelfi and Wise after this debut.


Just letting people know @Heffsgirl changed her allegiance and switched avatars.


If I knew how to change my name to Guelfigirl I would.




In the 3rd quarter in about a 5minute period, he:

1/ cut off the ball in the centre.
2/ Helped out down back
3/ laid a big tackle resulting in a goal.

What a debut,loved it.

Imagine another preseason or two with even more power and strength.


One of my absolute favourite things about this game, is most debutantes start with a flash then fade, eh seemed to build over the course of a game.


Yep. As he got more and more used to the pace of it he got better and better.


I reckon he looks like Zaharakis with hair


Really like him.
Reads it well, moves well and seems like the role player we’re after.


How about Galoofy in honour of that VFL commentator from a few weeks ago


Love the Galoof!


His surname is already a nickname. Unless we want to go down the controversial “Guelfo” route.