#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline




Humbertiño didn’t want to go because he expected to lose and hates losing so I told him “let’s just go and support Matt Guelfi in his first game”. All day we were calling it - well done Matty! - go Guelf! - etc etc and then of course there was the massive bonus of a win. I really noticed him in the 3rd when he seemed to get his confidence up and assert himself. He reads the play well and I reckon will be a bit of a ball magnet. Smooth and composed under pressure - a little like Mercuri. Well done Jackets.


get a selfie with guelfi…


Yep I know one girl - a friend of mine that is ‘seeing’ him a fair bit :wink:


Deed poll?


This guy, Begley, Clarke and Mutch. Feels a bit like the young crops from the 90s.



Meaning of Guelfi

Name worn in Tuscany and northern Italy. It seems to refer to the Guelph faction, which opposed the Ghibellines in the Middle Ages. Guelphs and Ghibellines derive their name from two families of Germanic origin, Welfen one hand, the Hohenstaufen, Waiblingen lords of the other.

He’s italian.




Stringer was running into an open goal with no one ahead of him. There was no reason to consider the backwards handball to Guelfi


Gooey. Certainly made Donnington go all gooey.


If Sheedy was sheeds then guelfi must be guelfs.

Interestingly, if Kevin’s last name was sheeds, his nickname would have been Sheedy.

Something to ponder, no doubt.


Germanic origin. Love child of Hitler and Mussolini. Him and Lav forming a stormtrooper faction.


“It’s a little bit quicker, but it’s not too much different to WAFL.”

ice in his veins.


“Dunno what Kyle’s been whinging about”


Paul Roos called him Guelfi-ey


Volkswagen Guelf


I personally loved that Stringer didn’t even look at dishing it off to Guelfi.

The carnt wants every goal he can get!

We haven’t had “greedy” forwards for so long and it is nice to have 2-3 now that are all extremely talented.


Guelf war.


One of Doe’s boys