#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


So, Mrs Peos (who hasn’t seen much footy this year) got her first look at Guelfi tonight.

“Wait… Pause… Rewind… Who is THAT guy?? Goodness, look at that jaw!”


no nonsense pure football player


big tick


We’ve found another guelfgirl


Careful Paul, your extra large condoms may be losing their appeal and that supermodel wife may be scooting off to the Maldives sans you.


But if you lost out to Guelfi you’d just have to say… “Yeah, fair enough.”


I like this kid. Not the flashiest player but knows his limitations and does his job. Has a bit of mongrel in him aswell


Now on like list… And the list is building.


Tell her Donnington has first dibs.


Was great tonight. Glad he didn’t lose any teeth or get an injury from that headbutt. That could of been nasty


Loved how he dealt with that carnt’s headbutt. Very mature.
Great last quarter.

BTW - is Buckley Frodo or what??


Maybe Golum - can’t decide.


I leant him my Aquadhere …


Was fantastic tonight. Looking forward to watching the replay when I get the chance to see if he was as good as he seemed live.


Reminds me of Pops Kelly.

A bloke who is pure class in everything that he does and rarely makes a mistake.

Looks like he will be a 200+ gamer.


Buckley what a flog


Sneaky chance for a rising star nomination. Confirmed he is still eligible.


Such a weird looking kid


Most 80’s of 80’s hair. Love how he gets rid of him.


I live in a town called Guelph - my boy now


that should be two weeks right?

Buckley what a ■■■■■■■ scum human