#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


If you morph golum and Frodo together in that photo it is exactly Buckley.


Did come from fark carlton heritage so is guaranteed to be a fark wit. So much that even fark carlton had to let him go.


Reckon fark carlton fans would have cheered the head butt because it was against an Essendon player.



Has to be a good shot for the rising star this week


Reckon Stoddart has it.


Based on 9 touches at 44% and a goal? I highly doubt it.


This is bang on.


Is he young enough to be eligible?


Ridley should have had it last week,except they rewarded witherden because hes playing alot of consistent games strung together (seems to be their criteria to nominate these days)


This. Plays like he knows he belongs in the big league.


MY BOY <3 <3 <3


The type of guy you could see in richmonds side. A role player that does everything the coach asks but also with decent skills.


Best haircut in the club atm.


The Guelf is a serious hard nut. He must be turning Heffsgirl gaga. Wouldn’t surprise me if she jumps the fence and streaks after him when we beat the tiges next week.


His last qtr was crazy good. Looked to me like he thought I’m just gonna dominate this qtr. He has arrived


Matt ‘its not that much different to the wafl’ Guelfi


Been a while since we had a good 35 hasn’t it?


Believe so he is under 21


Very promising start by Guelfi. Good luck to him.

Players like Guelfi, Kelly (Geelong), Eagles (Brisbane), deserve huge credit after initially being overlooked - good reminder that after about the first three rounds of the National Draft, an AFL career is as much a lottery and the whim of a recruiter as anything to do with being good enough. Many are good enough, but few are chosen.