#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline






Now you’ve done it, … Do I continue to run with “Iceman”, . or now go with “Billy” or maybe just “IDOL!” … ffs :thinking:


Was rest worthy last night. In: Myers



Heffsgirl and donnington gonna fight over guefli with a rusty spoon


Thread continues to be weird with a real personality/psychotic disorder vibe.



Is very very good inside.

Has an ability to block and make room for others.

Genuine two way mid.


Some morons wrote him off after his 3rd game, v Melb he had a few bad disposal errors. He then had a rest from the 1s and came back straight away after one game in the VFL.

Maybe think before writing guys off, they need time to gain confidence and believe


This is very true. In the VFL there were flashes of good play from Guelfi, and tbh I was a bit surprised when hewas first selected, but it does take time to adjust to the level particularly in the midfield. Same has applied to Langford, and he is showing real signs, Clarke needs to get another 3 games before we write him off. Guelfi was never averaging over 30 disposals as a mid in the VFL.

Against GWS, Guelfi showed me he “has the right stuff”


Yeah Clarke will get his chance


Must stay strong…


Reminds me of Val Kilmer in his top gun role, just a little prettier.


When are Rising Star nominations announced?


It will be Ed Richards from the Dogs IMO this week.


Had so many touches in the last Qtr, he may have to have a week off to get over the Leather poisoning…


Or the $1500 headbutt


It is Ed Richards


We have a winner.

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Congrats to Ed Richards, the round 10 NAB AFL Rising Star nominee!