#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Looks like Bieber, plays like Springsteen


You just hate him because he’s a wop.


Mynott is there


Agreed, very good defensively. Big grab in the back half


Yep, he’s not creative enough or outstanding in any one area to be a mid but in the back half his courage and reading of the play are very good.


He should be perfect if that’s the case. A lot of ours are like that.


reminds me of bernie vince TBH
not sure if that’s a good or bad thing lol


just best 22? He’s clearly one of our better contributors. I’m guessing you’re a plodder fanboi?


Guelfi, Langford, Smith, Ridley, Stringer and Saad the only positives for 2018


Yep that’s right, I want them to bring back Myers :roll_eyes:


Got nominated for mark of the year. Go on, vote for him.


“That mark was as hot as he is.”



Yeah he had a couple of bad disposal but geez at least he went in and got the farking ball in the first place.

He also does the 1%ers. He bumps and shepherds and puts on blocks.


Needs to make the game look more difficult if he wants to win awards.




What does this bloke need to do to get a rising star nom?

■■■■■■ Florent got it this week.


Be less hot.


Have us win a game. I think he now has the required consistent game form behind him. Tough to be nominated when we get thrashed by 12 goals.


Wear another coloured footy jumper.


Looks like he won it :raised_hands: