#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Dunno if I have a chance. He rates his own physique


I love it when he runs through a tackle.


Whereas Donnington wants to run through his tackle …


I’d put my money on Donnington and chuck Heffsgirl in for the quinella.


Fight dirty mate.
Decency is over rated .


Tough, composed, fit, determined. This guy is awesome.


More impressed with him with every game he plays. There was a passage in the 2nd term where the hard ball had to be won on the back flank, amongst the mass of bodies he was the one who ended up getting the ball, breaking into space and hit a target on the wing. Might’ve been that passage where Stringer hits Raz in the pocket, squares it to Myers and he kicks a point. But he started the chain with his hard work. Kicked a classy goal as well in the last when we were squandering chances for fun.


Future captain


Heffsgirl wants to fight Donnington??


Heffsgirl wants to be Guelfi’s girl (see avatar)


Settle down Tiger. Zerrett and McGrath have first dibs.




Wouldn’t be much if a fight. I would destroy him.


if we’re going the dibs route, donnington was penning erotica before you.


Actually you might be right.


You’ll be lucky to get Winx-style odds. Still, better than bank interest.


Love the way he goes about it.
There would be numerous blokes across the state leagues that I hope we are looking it. Natural footballers that just aren’t given a chance and are overlooked for athletes that clubs try to turn into footballers. At the cost of a low draft pick you can’t go wrong


Not much different to the WAFL…Just a bit quicker.


Low end draft picks who have ok skill but give 100% > top end draft picks who are skillfull but weak at the contest (i.e. parish)


Exactly. We should be picking up at least one of this type, preferably 2 every year. Any picks after 50 in the main draft and any rookie picks should be considered for this.