#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Reckon it’s a fair bet they are.


They probably are, but I reckon we should do it more often.
I reckon a 20 or 21 year old state league player is a far better bet to make it, than an 18 year old after pick 50.
Of course, I have no stats to back it up.

Plus we could have gotten rid of a guy like Jerrett at the end of last season and given another state league guy a 1 year contract


Parish ain’t weak at the contest. He will be a more than decent player. His skills and smarts let him down a bit currently but he has courage in spades and is still learning


I think it depends on the composition of your list as to what you are looking for I would think. And I would think there would probably be just as many successes/busts no matter which way you went. Some players will look like world beaters one level down, but don’t take that with them when they step up, and some kids are over looked due to a perceived fault that they go on to rectify. Luck of the draw either way really.


Back on guelfi, where did he play today? I haven’t seen any of the game yet


I think you have to go someone with an outstanding attribute of some form.

for guelfi it seems to have been a good leap, penetrating kick and hardness/discipline. this kind of thing has to be a baseline for your hungry stateleaguer, it can’t just be a guy that smashes in all the time because it will probably be a bust if they’re too small (sorry hams).


He played, … his way into my Heart … :heart_eyes:


Parish has been a very hard at it player so not sure why you single him out? Did he reject you one night when you were throwing stones at his window?


I mean, just cause the bloke isn’t as ripped as you doesn’t mean you should single him out EVERY chance you get lol


You can go wrong, but as long as you bring them in test then at AFL and either have a winner or move them on for another it doesn’t matter. When you keep them for 5-7 years and they clearly are very average you go wrong.


Gave my young bloke a high 5 on the boundary after the game. Got home and the good wife and daughter didn’t know who he was. Showed them a picture, he now has 2 more fans…


So they’ll be coming along next time then?


Oh my…


Agreed…my creep detector just hit the red zone.


Getting fairly weird guys.

Let’s stick to how well he’s playing after 4 games.


What and ruin Man Day




Needs some protection from myers.


you know, just shooting a bit of pool, having some classic banter, checking out the ladies, just good bloke type behaviour.


Hope to God you’re not calling Guelfi a “Good Bloke” … you know what they think of those types round these parts … eek