#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


because dr who watchers are devoid of humour.


I bet he parts hard.


(It wasn’t me, actually.)


Why does that guy look like he dropped his guts and is proud of it.


Will be a regular 22 next season loving this kid!

Called him too play after Freo game, at least he is in now


You totally want to see the post.


I saw the post… It wasn’t any more disturbing than the previous “imagine if me and Guelfi were mates” fan fiction, but goodness it’s getting cringy.


Not as much as he needs from @Donnington and @Heffsgirl


Christ, he can play can’t he?

Just looks a class above anyone else on the field with ball in hand.


I think he is a regular best 22 player in season 2018.




No, no, no, that’s Ken doll with a perm.


bet donnington wishes they were beams late in the 2nd quarter.


Which part of you wants to know? Hopefully not the same part Donnington wants Guelfi to touch!!!


To think, we probably wouldn’t have this guy on our list if Morgan had decided to stay. Morgan still on 0 games at norf. What a blessing his walk out turned out to be


Just watched the 2nd half.

This guy is a ripper. Great attack on the ball, strong mark and that goal he kicked. Oh and the baulk around Hodge was tip top.


I was really impressed with his game on Sunday. Ive been looking for what he does really well and I think he has excellent balance. stays low in the contest yet still delivers the ball well, has the ability to turn out of traffic. Really nice game.


If l had to sum up his skill set in one word, l would say composure. He has adapted to the pace of AFL very well, much better than l expected.


Donningtons worse was still in the Stringer thread going back to before Stringer was even a bomber… You can fill in the gaps but i guess he sees Guelfi at his peak?


And he has a focused mind in traffic.