#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


no nonsense footballer

can sidestep.


Sidesteps are pretty highfalutin.


On the podium of the footballiest footballer to ever football.

More of the footballers thanks Jackets.


Recently l have noticed a return of the blind turn. Not a full scale upsurge just yet, but l welcome the return of this sublime skill and predict it will become quite common place winthin the next 2 seasons.


Add me to the growing list of fans of this guy. I really like what I am seeing, particularly around his toughness and poise (as noted already). He actually has a bit of silk in his game too as displayed with his great overhead mark the other week and channeling his inner Mark Mercuri with that goal on the weekend.

Could be a fair bit more than just a no nonsense mid-tier player I suspect.


Traded him out of my dream team this week.
Fully expect him to go to another level now.


Needs to get a score over 96 on AFLF.
And hope the blokes who nominate him have him on their Fantasy team.


Remember he had an extra 3 years in WAFL.
3 times in the draft.
We offered him opportunity.
He is better than Tim!


Just off averaging a goal a game in his WAFL careers…on occasions he would score 2 a game sometimes none.

  1. Matt Guelfi (Essendon) – pick 76

The third-last selection of the 2017 National Draft was mature aged recruit Matt Guelfi. The 20-year-old was thrown an opportunity by the Bombers after being overlooked in the previous two drafts, and he has taken the chance with both hands. Guelfi has played seven matches in his debut season, averaging 17 disposals and three tackles per game.


He is a good mark & Spoiler for a shorter bloke. Also fast and makes lots of repeat contests/efforts.
Whats his ceiling?


Innocent question: are Smith, Stringer and Saad better or similar additions compared to Guelfi (“pick #10”)?


You could make a case that the three S’s sit comfortably in the top 5 of our b&f to this stage.

I like Guelfi but I see him as role player.

I think he would be the perfect replacement for Baguley down back.


That’s fkn amazing all things considered

And Dodoro said we also were considering taking Mynott in that spot and Guelfi in rookie draft but went the other way instead.

Superb selection


I agree with this assessment.
The three S’s are well ahead of him.

I like Guelfi but I don’t see him ever becoming a star. I think playing in defence or as a mainly defensive midfielder will be his go long term.

For what he cost though, he’s a great get


You want a first year player to be fulfilling a role. very rare now for someone to be an absolute star in their first year.


I agree. I’m saying I don’t think he’ll be a star long term either. But if he can be a solid best 22 for years, that’s a good result from that pick.

Of course, i’d love him to prove me wrong and win a Brownlow.

I wonder what sydney fans thought of a guy like Brett Kirk after his first season on their list?


Point being that means we got four top ten picks out of rounds 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Plus Bezerk Thatcher at round four!

If Mynott can stay on the field he looks to be a very good rookie pick-up too…

(Sorry Houlahan, nothing too exciting yet.)


More importantly, he’s the hottest of the 2017 draft.


Has had more poems written about him than the rest of the top ten combined!