#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


He wasn’t in the bottom half dozen to play for us that year, let alone “in recent times”

Kavanagh, Dalgleish, Dellhole, Will Hams, Hardingham, OBrien, 2013 model Jetta had lost whatever miniscule fragment of confidence he ever had, 2013 model Pears, Hille & NLM who were all utterly cooked.

Kommer was only good at one thing, but we had guys who weren’t even that good.



Blow me




Umpires are biased against us, and now the Rising Star Nomination panel.

I need more tin foil.


Guefli is too hot for them anyway.

He radiates.


These kind of things can happen when a player they’ve wanted to nominate over course of season gets it even though another young player puts in better performance.

But not the other way around as has happened here.

Not only has Guelfi’s season been better but his weekend performances were.

Robbed is damn right


Do you all love Dodo or what? The last 20 or so posts hit the nail on the head.

Yeah you only get 1 Kommer, Guelfi, Bags or Hibberd per 3-4 or so rookies.

That’s why you churn the rookie list and don’t use it to hang onto rejects from the senior list & you don’t use it on skinny 5yr project players either. Its for speculative mature bodied boom/bust types.

Oh and for all the Kommer sceptics, yes he played x1 good season and his stats weren’t A grade but it was his work off the ball too… would like to see someone pull his 1%ers.

I’m sure a surface look at Walla’s stats in 2017 would on face value look as though he’s bottom 1/2 of our playing list when I tjink I’m right in saying Champion data ranked him as elite.


36 goals and blistering pace speaks for itself. Please never compare Walla and Kommer again, thanks.


Only comparison would be pressure acts, and maybe hair



gotta sign him long term before he requests a trade back to WA


Love how this bloke puts his body on the line and never shirks a contest.


love him, seems to always make good decisions and wins the one on ones. Give him Myers role when he’s no longer covering for conor


always seems to keep his balance when he gets bumped


He’s a goer.

I like.


Ran back with the flight and accepted he may be cleaned up. Freo still got the goal, but that was massively gutsy.

Love the way he goes about it.


Was that the one where if Zaka had showed the same balls then it wouldn’t have ended in a goal?


That was with Saad.

The one I was talking about Walters kicked to the square and that mo wearing dude marked it.

Same end, but further from goal.


Guelfi is a no fuss, hard working football citizen. Plays within his limits, doesn’t make many errors and will become even better as he plays more games.

Hard to understand why he went at a lowly pick 76 in last year’s draft.