#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Keeps his feet, great balance, haven’t seen him lose many one on ones.


Yep. Not surprisingly, … “Iceman” is very cool under pressure.


Looks like Jane, plays like Tarzan.


He played very well. Always put his body in line with ball and had opponents getting out of his way.

Could be a much better looking JJ.


when you’re so used to it being the other way around.



anyone love a diving double fister as much as guelfi?

maybe donnington.


Did he play as a defender today? I didn’t really pay attention to him too much and it’s hard to tell on tv


Whenever I see this guy play the first thing that comes to mind is premiership player. Can picture him walking up to receive his medallion and the commentators saying what a great role player he has become.



Was awesome when the match was in the balance and Freo were on a fast break and was 2 or 3 on 1.


don’t do a Donnington


I reckon he has heaps of potential to become more than just a role player. Reads the play well, rarely shirks the contest and takes safe options with disposal.

IMO will be one of the better players on our list in a couple of seasons


Never go full Donnington




Cory Dell was a better player than Kommer


absolutely agree. reminds me of one of our 2000 premiership warriors. No fuss, hard at it and showed both physical aggression at the contest and verbal aggression towards teammates and the umpire at one time today.


Some sport betting place ■■■■■■ up his odds then 41 @ the moment.


He’s not going back.


Ffs Guelfi is eligible.
He is under the age of 21 as of 1st January 2018.
Had played 10 AFL games or less before commencement of this season.
Has not been suspended during the season.

Clears that up for you @ Juliet.


His courage and willingness to do the physical stuff is impressive.


This bloke can play.