#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Serious question - does anyone know what position he plays?

The last couple of weeks he’s been appearing in the back line as either a back pocket or half back. Before that he was popping up in the forward line. And sometimes he’s named on the wing.


Utility aka mr. Fix it


Played wing most of year but been able to cover a spot in defence as required - when Ambrose went down he was moved back, and when McKenna was out he was moved back.


Ignore where he’s named

Essentially playing the role Stanton had at the start of last year. Half back/wing.

I have no idea where he ends up in his career. Sometimes he looks like an absolute world-beater


IMO he ends up playing the Zaharakis role but tougher, maybe longer stints at centre square bounces. If he can be a regular goal kicker he will be a potential star


He is Mr. Versatility.


To me he looks like what Jack Dyer used to call a good ordinary player. Not a star, but does the job. He’s a long way from being an automatic pick, but he’s on the way.


you must be kidding. this kid looks like hes going to be the goods.


All i see is the heir apparent to His Royal Hotness’ throne.


Describing a player as a good ordinary player is a compliment.

Do you see Guelfi as the new James Hird? The new Dangerfield?

He’s a good honest player who does the job asked of him. If I were him, I’d be proud of that.


Puts his head over the ball and attacks the contest. Despite his good looks, he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Love watching him play. Only thing better than his agression at the contest is his hair.


Is he Baguley but with more midfield upside?


Hes an extremely talented footballer. hes able to play several positions, kicks goals, defends extremely well, is able to play inside and drives the ladies wild. nothing ordinary about him…


I think he needs to work on his kicking and ability to hit targets. This is a super common trait for a first year player so I’m not worried at all. Has some very nice tricks when winning the ball and evading a tackler though.


Donnington pls


He will only get better. Has all the tools. He doesn’t have a 9 out of 10 x factor but he is a solid 7+ across the board.

Plays the percentages and rarely beaten one on one.

Team first player who has the versatility to play in any part of the ground. Outstanding pick up late in the draft.

He’ll be a regular no question


His kicking is a lot better than some players and senior players at that. He’ll only get better.


And a proper AFL pre season in the dungeon/gym will not hurt this bloke either. Guelfi beast mode would be something speeeeeshullll


All of them. And well.


he’s a pretty ordinary kick.