#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline




I don’t think he is. I think it’s just reflective of someone adjustung to the higher level pressure.


I think it’s a weakness in his game at present
It should be fixable


Lets hope so


So solid in the contest right to the end.
With a few minutes to go, stood tall in the middle at a loose contested ball, pick up and sublime handball into the path of Zaka leading to the final goal was pure class.
Can see him moving into the midfield rotation next year, he’s very capable of developing an inside game.


Reminds me of Ben Howlett in a number of ways, but a version that will probably play closer to 200 games.


He has good distance on his kicking and prefers kicking long then short.
He has a strong contested game and has been working on getting some more handball receives and getting involved in attacking forays


Good again tonight. Goes hard, much like @Donnington at the thought of him. Makes good decisions


I don’t know what it is. but every time the ball is around this guy he seems to win it. He isn’t the most skillfull player but just always seems to win the ball/move it forward/ knock it to advantage.


very clean hands off the deck


Great around the contest tonight


One of the quieter players, but that may just have been because he was elsewhere on the ground. Still clean in everything he did.


Great, … just great.




Basically never loses a contest.


and never has a hair out of place


Love it how he does not shy away from running straight at a contest.


We won a lot of the contested ball tonight, . in the last half, they were basically scared to pick the fkn thing up, … just took it off them and waltzed the fk away at will.

Just glorious to watch.


On Fox Footy, they emphasised Zac Jones’s “courage” where he sniped at the beginning and the end of the game, but when the game was in the balance, Guelfi straight-lined the ball and won it, Jones didn’t.

I suspect Jones was in awe of Guelfi’s magnificent hair.


When Papley kicked the goal, and hit Goddard from behind.

Guelfi was the first one in. I didn’t see the rest because the coverage went to an ad break. But Guelfi ran over to 4 Sydney players to get into them.

Clearly the Rising star award is only for first round picks.