#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


Heart and soul player, not the most gifted kid going around, but like Dea and Baguley he isn’t gonna hand over his spot without a fight


He is the kind of player that is essential in a successful team. Strong in mind, body and spirit. Doesn’t give up and takes pride in his work. Love the kid.


Honestly. There is nothing mediocre about this kid. Runs straight at the ball and/or player. Wins one on ones. Wins two on ones. Wins three on ones. And he is the one in each conest. Good side step. Good hands. Good movement in congestion. Good kick. Good reader of the play. Disciplined to follow team rules and structures. Supports team mates. He is an excellent footballer.


Also, winning the ball is the primary skill of football. He is highly skilled.


Skilled AND TAKES NO RUBBISH. Reads the play very well. We’re lucky to have him.


Reminds me of a young Mark McVeigh


Oh what could have been



Strong in mind, body and spirit. Short in back and sides.


The ■■■■ is that tattoo?






Imagine how good he is going to be with a full pre-season under his belt (as opposed to a first year player pre-season) and the coaches working on specific things with him now that they have seen him play for the year.


Why didn’t he get drafted in his draft year?

Seems like he has all the tools and no weakness.


He was too hot to handle


Have to agree he is an excellent footballer.


He played as a midfielder in WAFL Claremont.
Could score a goal or 2 per game.


Why wasn’t Walla drafted with Heppell?
There’s your answer.


apart from the fact that he was short and fat. so yeah good answer.


Willie Rioli is still pretty fat and he got drafted


after tippa, who changed recruiters minds…

we were coming into the era of athletes over footballers. not even dean rioli would’ve been drafted at that time.