#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


good point. Tippa is a trailblazer for indigenous players. still so much untapped footy talent around australia


I think James Podsiadly had the best response to the question of why he didn’t get drafted when he was younger. He simply said “I wasn’t very good back then”


Clem Smith was another one who was miles off fitness - year before Tippa.
But yes, Tippa was a “trailblazer” and proves you should only ever draft “footballers over athletes”, whatever that means. Just as Conor presumably proves you should only ever draft athletes over footballers.
Start with the slogan first, and cherry pick the facts later.


I don’t want to seem like a cynic, but pay real close attention to his kicking.
His contest work is A+, he’s got great endeavour, good athlete, but his kicking is a weak point for him.


READ First 10 posts in this thread, Explains a lot.


Went back and read them. Only makes me more bullish about his current output and upside potential.

His constant willingness to make multiple efforts in a congested area where he seems to read the play/ball movement beautifully is well explained by him having been an inside mid as a junior. Maybe with a good preseason in gym he could spend more minutes on the inside in 2019. IMO there’s a good chance we will all be marvelling at how Dodoro and Keane plucked the solution to our inside mid needs with a pick 76. He has the potential to be one of the modern day greatest draft bargains.


Didn’t Jaquettes say something like “this kid doesn’t realise how good he could be”?


If he did he was right. And we’ll all enjoy watching him be a part of our club’s resurgence.


He was waiting for us to pick him up.


I think his kicking is good enough it’s more the decision making.

He tends to just slam it on the boot a bit but that can be worked on.


mostly when hes about 3 deep in opposition players, which is what every other player does. in fairness too, he also tries to get a handpass out first, like zach, mcgrath, parish, dyson etc. then goes the 40m forward hack kick.


Yep, I don’t see his kicking as a concern and his decision making will get better with experience.

I don’t see him being the player that some are saying though.

Good, honest role player.


I see a possibly better howlett.

mostly because of the leap and kicking penetration.


Good thing we didn’t go out and get Sloane by the sounds of it.


If all our players went as hard as he does i would be happy


When I see a loose ball in dispute in a dangerous area, and then I see Guelfi in that contest, I feel confident that he’ll win it or at least force a stoppage. I don’t get the same confidence with two thirds of players. Looking back, I had that confidence with players you’d expect. Bomber Thompson. Harvs. Long. Hird. Mercs. Etc. I also had it with some like Grenfold, Denham and Barnard. I see Guelfi like the latter group. Excellent players in their own right, highly regarded inside the club, vital to the team, but not considered to be competition “stars”.


Comment was made regarding Houlahan, I believe




He’s the kind of player that if he is bottom 5 in the 22, then you are a good side. Exactly what you want with toughness and work rate.


But Watts wasn’t good back then and still isn’t good now.
You’re either in “The Boys Club” or not.
How many of the current players for Carlton or Gold Coast would get a game elsewhere?