#35 Matt Guelfi - Welcome to the Midfield, Backline, and Forwardline


I think we can develop him into a star.
He has the heart for it and that alone goes a long way to coming a star.


Just watched the last half of the swans game again. This guy will be a star, not just a role player. He’s still just a skinny kid, wait till get gets an AFL body and tank.

He’s got guts, determination, anticipation and is a footballer first.


Called this first week and standing by it, top 5 player on our list in 2019

I haven’t been this impressed by a kid since young Zerrett


you are a wonder.


mummm barnz is stalking me on blitz again


hahahaha…not a chance. I’d love to be wrong, because it would be a massive bonus to the club if he was.


Well he’d have to overtake most of Merrett, Daniher, Hurley, Hooker, Heppell, Fantasia, Smith, Zaharakis, Bellchambers, Tippa, Stringer, McGrath, Parish, Langford, Gleeson and Saad in the space of one season. Seems unlikely, and that’s just the players of the top of my head who you would say are clearly ahead of him right now.

The hype for this kid borders on ridiculous sometimes. At Guelfi’s age Merrett was winning his first best and fairest


Guelfi has played a lot of games this year and has impressed me with his effort in last quarters in particular, but is showing signs of tailing off a bit in the last 2-3 games even when we are winning games well. Has not even cracked it for a Rising Star nomination which is strange considering he has put together a very solid body of work this year. I don’t see the “star” tag as being so likely, but see him being a versatile and very very solid team player who has proven he is best 22 this year.


Different ways to measure star quality but this blokes repeat efforts, tackling pressure, versatility, penetrating kick, mongrel and ability to kick goals says (providing he keeps tracking in the right direction) he WILL be a star of the EFC


I like the boy, love to Mutch and Clarke get a good go as well


If he doesn’t start lairising soon, I’m going to have to stop judging players on their looks.


Pbomber is happy, so that is enough for me.


Essendon is a big club, no limit on the number of stars we can handle concurrently.


Like everyone here I just love the intensity Mr G brings to every contest. The repeat efforts on the wing against Sydney are an example of what he has brought to the team. The willingness to crash and bash into contests to win the ball were always going to win plaudits from the coaches and the fans.
Not sure if it was the Swans game or against Fremantle where we got a goal simply because Mr G was willing to stand and take the hit from an opposition player charging through the center of the ground. Never looks flustered and has good skills.
Just glad I touted him as a potential pick up for the draft.


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